Layout notes SAKC RC1 20102004

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NOTE, SAKC has been renamed SIE. So, some places SAKC is referred to as SAKC.

1, add "" & "****/**/**"DATE under emQbit-UNAL-QI-HARDWARE

2, Surrounding J17, put a Silk text "Min >= +3.7VDC" and "Max <=5VDC" may avoid of over voltage and end user easy damage short reversely on Headr J17 only (BAT_V), mark "BAT_V" needs clear.

3, add "1.8V" & "3.3V" & "1.2V" text near U7, U8, U10 their Tab pin , It will be nice.

Having a clear text can let users found quickly

4, I have a little worry the BAT_V capacity, ONE is came from USB(2.5W only), the other may battery (3.5W). If user always forget to use their own power supply on their own board, 3V3 will be pull down for over load. How do you think this? or You can add a DC JACK like your

5, UF2, pls open the .smt layer.

There's no smt layer

6, I like to fill more gnd copper on the space top area, how do you think?

The dark area can be filled in GND copper

7, The J19 is the most user where using, could you just put #1, #2 , #39, #40 on both terminal of J19.

Can add more pin texts

8, J6 & J7 is good for users, could you just add text like "SERIAL CONSOLE" and "I2C" for them.

Useful text needed
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