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  • Check microSD card pinout: ref. to 1, 2.
  • If routing allows:
    • in order to increase Flash bandwidth, connect D8-D15 to the FPGA (there must be connected to special pins, indicated on the schematics symbol, because the Flash is used for configuration). For 16-bit, the Flash's BYTE# pin must be connected to 3.3V VCC (not FPGA's LDC or ground). See Xilinx UG380 p.48 1. If you switch the flash to 16-bit, addresses must be reorganized. The Flash's A0 should be grounded (the flash datasheet says (p.6) this pin becomes unused, but it's safer to ground it than to leave it floating), FPGA's A0 should be connected to Flash's A1, FPGA A1 -> Flash A2, etc. (see configuration waveform on UG380 p.50).
    • add an expansion header and route spare I/Os to it. See 2.

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