KiCad Design and Production Process

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Here we are trying to write up the steps and who is responsible more clearly. We don't follow the normal process as normal companies as P1~P5 or C1~C5 quality check process system. But hereby start to try to set up some general rules in development flow as purposes. And keep following and revising in better way than last time.

[edit] Electronic Engineering Side

1, To declare that KiCad schematics draft version without DRC errs and issued draft bom to PE for preparation key components.

2, To declare that placements of board to PE that if suitable for production.

3, To declare that KiCad board files without DRC errs in PCBnew tool and reviewed with list to revise and combine list layout comments.

4, To declare that KiCad geber files and drill file once finishing review comments from list discussions.

5, Using gerbv on linux and CAM 350/other gerber viewer on windows to check if Kicad gerbers as well as drill file are correct.

[edit] Production Engineering Side

1, Double check if EE's layout files and feedback to EE.

2, Send Gerber files to pcb maker (Wuhan city) for first engineering verification and declare quotation result.

3, To declare that when PCB will be shipped to Taipei and given verification results.

4, To arrange SMT/COB process.

5, To prepare test plan and results.

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