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In order to meet SMT vendor side about AI machine. During build module must let module attributes to be Normal+Insert. This indicates that the module must appear in the automatic insertion file (for automatic insertion machines). This attribute is most useful for surface mount components (SMDs). So every module must set this attribute.

To generate automatic insertion file, in PCBnew, right hand side menu. Firstly, Click Offset adjust for drill and place files button. And move mouse cursor to the pad located at the most left and bottom side. Secondly, File->Fabrication Outputs->Modules Position, then the *.pos file is generated under main folder.

Placed offset adjust on the pad of the most left and bottom, here we placed the mouse cursor at pad 2 of C25.

The coordinates are recorded as

  • ## Unit = inches, Angle = deg.
  • ## Side : Components
  • # Ref Val PosX PosY Rot Side
  • C1 33pF 0.5319 -0.3450 0.0 Front
  • C3 33pF 0.3796 -0.4272 90.0 Front
  • C12 10uF 0.5289 -0.7550 0.0 Front
  • ......
  • C25 100nF -0.0011 -0.0330 270.0 Front
  • C26 100nF 0.4569 -0.0560 0.0 Front
  • D2 LED 0.6289 -0.7810 180.0 Front
  • U4 MIC5207-3.3 0.5259 -0.6600 270.0 Front
  • ......
  • ## End

Please be noticed that above info is the purpose for smt manufacturer not traditional CNC drill offset. If you want to use CNC by yourself own work, please check [kicad-users] offset adjust for drill and place files-How is it used?

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