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We want investors, manufacturing partners and more to join us! Here is a basic layout of that idea:

  • Intro Story
    • Past
  • What we have built so far
    • Nanonote
    • Qi Hardware Community
    • Sharism Community
    • Milkymist
    • Innovative
  • Value Created So Far (atomize)
    • Team Members Quickly
    • Community
    • mInnovation (minimum innovation)
    • Unlocked Manufacturing Knowledge
    • Software Platform and Toolchain
    • International Network of Developers and Distributors
    • Can get code upstream: new and reverse engineered
  • The pitch: take some of the profits of apple
    • Microsoft in the 90's
    • Linus and his friends
    • The Growth of Companies taking Microsoft profits
    • Internet Boom
    • NOW: Apple vertically integrated, the new microsoft
    • OTHERS: working on maxed out software model, programming the world
    • Lets make the hardware equivalent of Linux Revolution
  • Who are our customers
  • What is our market
  • Who are our competitors
  • Your investing will help us do X, Y and Z
    • Accelerate on Product Development
      • What we doing?
      • What we want to do...
    • Sales & Marketing
      • What we doing?
      • What we want to do...
    • Customer Support
      • What we doing?
      • What we want to do...
    • Project Consolidation
      • What we doing?
      • What we want to do...
    • Develop More Channels
      • What we doing?
      • What we want to do...
  • How much we need for 1 year
    • 1 million USD
    • how to spend it
    • how to make it back
  • Low Power Continues
    • Basic Features Released
    • Key Personnel will not be sustainable
    • Community cannot stay same, will grow slowly (or die) without investment
    • RC4 of Milkymist, sell down our inventory
  • High Power with You is Exponential
    • Update Product
      • Get Linux working smooth, add requested features
      • Release updated Milkymist RC4 Sooner
    • FOCUS
      • Consolidate brand and image
    • Produce markiting materials
      • Logo and Targeted market campaign for releases and press
    • Sales
      • Continue to sell, but more focused with solutions engineering and faster iteration
    • Channel
      • Develop distribution partners better, help to make partners money
      • make sure there is main portal for content to get onto the milkymist
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