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[edit] This is an overview of i18n (Internationalization) capabilities of Ben, running OpenWrt.

Ben has complete UTF-8 support.

[edit] Console

This package contains cyrillic font for setfont2, linux console keymap for typing cyrillic letters, kernel unicode-to-font mapping table, icon for gmenu2x (ash-rus) and some helper scripts, that set necessary environment variables. ben-cyrillic package can be installed by running:

opkg update
opkg install ben-cyrillic

After you have installed this package, you can start ash-rus from gmenu2x (you might have to restart gmenu2x for new icon to appear). Use the Keyboard-qi.png key to switch between keyboard layouts.
This is the keymap as installed by ben-cyrillic package:
ben-cyrillic is shipped with phonetic keymap as well. However, it is a question what is the best way to map 7 cyrillic letters (33-26) not corresponding to latin letters. Suggestions (as pictures or keymaps) are appreciated. For now, it looks like this:
If you are not happy with setfont2 font provided with ben-cyrillic, you can try terminus font:

setfont /usr/share/kbd/consolefonts/ter-v12n.psf

This font has all cyrillic glyphs and supports colors.

  • gmenu2x

gmenu2x is started via /usr/bin/gmenu2x wrapper. Since gmenu2x is used to launch other applications (like mc, centerim, abook..) which may require i18n support, it is convenient to modify the /usr/bin/gmenu2x wrapper to load necessary fonts:

 source /etc/profile
 loadkeys /usr/share/ben-cyrillic/ben_ru_uni.map 2>&1 > /dev/null
 setfont /usr/share/kbd/consolefonts/ter-v12n.psf 2>&1 > /dev/null
 # or use an alternative font (the one used in ben-cyrillic package)
 # setfont2 /usr/share/ben-cyrillic/un-fuzzy-6x10-font_rus.pnm
 trap "" hup
 exec /usr/bin/gmenu2x.bin

Note that the terminus font contains all the necessary UTF-8 glyphs, and line-drawing characters are displayed correctly with it (unlike with default kernel 6x11 font).

  • fbterm

This terminal emulator supports all possible Unicode glyphs.

  • luit

You can use this small application as a filter between your UTF-8 terminal and an application that doesn't support UTF-8:

luit -encoding 'KOI8-R' -- links google.ru
  • emacs

[edit] GUI

  • Qt

Ben is already shipped with Qt keymap supporting cyrillic input. You can hold the Keyboard-qi.png while pressing other keys to type cyrillic. This is a problem that the key needs to be hold, however, i couldn't find another working solution for that. See [1]

  • GTK
  • kinyin

This application supports pinyin, zhuyin, and wubi, cj and simplex input methods and runs in Qt

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