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If you use the default skin ("MonoBook"), MediaWiki uses Cascading Style Sheets in order to specify the style and layout of the printable version of a page. In modern browsers, the print function of the browser should automatically select this style sheet when you print an article -- hence the "Print" command of your web browser is normally all you need to know.

If you are using other, older skins such as the "Standard" skin, you can get a printable version of a page using the "Printable version" link, or by adding the text "&printable=yes" to the URL, e.g.

You create a URL to the printable version of the current page with:


When using MonoBook skin, printing an ordinary page should also automatically print this version, even though it is not on the screen. However, there may be some differences: depending on your print settings, it may include page numbers, etc. To check what you will actually get, use the Print Preview feature of your browser.

[edit] CSS

Check the following page.


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