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Template:H:h This is a page for technical aspects in creating a handbook. It is different from the Help:MediaWiki help policy stuff because this is about the templates and the technical issues in formatting handbooks.


[edit] Vision

The intention is that the master page of any help page in a given language is on Meta, and that this can be copied without modification (hence very easily, either manually or automatically) into another wiki of the same language.

[edit] Categories

for admin handbook, sys-op handbook, reader handbook.. any page that has information for said group should be in that category

[edit] Sidebars

The index page embeds a template into it, so it appears to be a normal page, the smaller lists of features are appropriate as sidebars.

[edit] Audience Factors

  • Field Experience -- more experienced users know what to search for
  • Site Experience -- more experienced users know how the wiki is laid out
  • Sys Admin -- these people are running their own server
  • Hacker -- these people are probably sys admins, and they are digging into the code
  • Moderator/Sys-op -- these people have been granted special access to the website, and need to know how to delete pages and do other privileged stuff
  • Reader -- these people are searching for information
  • Editor -- these people are contributing content to the project
  • Time Constraints -- An audience member may not have time to look up why a choice was made, or just need to know how to solve an immediate problem.
  • Viewing Equipment -- Someone may need to print the content, in which long sequential guides are important...
  • Language --
  • Learning Style --
  • Problem at Hand --

[edit] Content

The commands used in the instructions given to people will remain the same, regardless of the language of the audience. Therefore the commands should make the skeleton of a page, and the language dependant content should be added as the meat of the content. -- but this comes later! we still need to content! in english even!

We Shouldn't strive for full Xanadu project functionality, because that is an extremely complex issue, however we can selectively use transclusion when it makes sense.

Some instructions are common across procedures, and if the commands change globally, then it makes sense to have the instructions in a template.


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