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Template:Historical This is the User's Guide for MediaWiki, the software program that runs Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects, in particular about the latest version 1.3, to which, during the period 21-29 May 2004, all Wikimedia sites have been upgraded.

Version 1.3 is a beta version. The latest stable release is version 1.2.6. See MediaWiki roadmap for an overview of the differences. Earlier versions of the pages in this guide (available from the page histories), in particular the last one before 29 May 2004, may be helpful as guide for version 1.2.6.

This guide often refers to the English versions of link labels and messages. For translations, see MediaWiki i18n.

[edit] Table of contents

  1. Architecture and overview
    1. Database layout
  2. Installation (see also CVS tree installation)
    1. on Linux
    2. on Windows
    3. on Mac OS X
    4. on FreeBSD
    5. Installation FAQ
  3. Configuration
    1. Apache config
      1. Robots.txt -- how to avoid search engines to index the internals of your wiki
      2. Rewrite Rules -- how to get rid of /index.php in URLs
    2. PHP config
    3. MySQL config
    4. Setting user rights
    5. MediaWiki i18n -- localization and customization for link texts and messages like 'fromwikipedia'
    6. Configuring interwiki links
    7. Custom skins
    8. Timezone adjustments
    9. More tweaks
    10. Configuration tips and tricks
  4. Using MediaWiki
    1. Logging-in
    2. Setting preferences
      1. User styles -- Your own css/js in the monobook skin (1.3)
    3. Editing pages
      1. Editing overview
      2. Starting a new page
      3. Adding multimedia to pages
      4. Using tables
      5. EasyTimeline Syntax
      6. Using redirects
      7. Link, Interwiki linking
      8. Using Categories
      9. Renaming (moving) pages
      10. Reverting a page to an earlier version
      11. Editing mathematical formulae
      12. Editing toolbar
      13. Special characters
        1. Creating Turkish characters
        2. Creating Romanian characters
        3. WikiHiero syntax
      14. Using predefined text blocks in articles (msg and subst)
    4. Tracking changes
      1. The Recent Changes page
      2. The enhanced Recent Changes page
      3. Using the Related Changes function
      4. Using the Watchlist
      5. Using the page history
    5. Reading
      1. Searching for pages
      2. "What links here" feature
      3. Using the random page function
    6. Administration
  5. Appendix
    1. ISBN links
    2. Common stop words
    3. Sites using MediaWiki
    4. Browser issues with MediaWiki
    5. URLs
    6. Page metadata
    7. XML export
    8. How to become a MediaWiki hacker
    9. How to move a MediaWiki Database
    10. Shortcuts
    11. Automatic conversion of wikitext
  6. Glossary
    1. The Go button
    2. Namespaces
    3. Edit summary
    4. Edit conflict
    5. Image description page
    6. Hyperlink
    7. Piped link
    8. Sections
    9. Talk pages
    10. User contributions page
    11. Diff page
    12. Templates
    13. Variables

[edit] See also

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