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This is PART 2 : Administrator's Guide - Installation, Configuration, Administration, Care & Feeding of the MediaWiki Documentation.

In this section, you will learn how to install, configure, administer, and troubleshoot the MediaWiki software.


[edit] Do you need MediaWiki?

What is MediaWiki?

Before installing the MediaWiki software package, ask yourself a few questions; this will determine which of the following help chapters are relevant for your needs.

  • What is your experience with the operating system under which MediaWiki will be installed?
  • Are you familiar with the technologies required to set it up? (see System Requirements)
    • If you are familiar with both, you may go directly to the chapter on Installation, and then onwards to the Configuration information.
  • For what purpose do you need the MediaWiki software?
    • Creating a new Wikipedia (-> full instructions, importing),
    • Creating a mirror for an existing Wikipedia (-> database dump),
    • Creating another WikiMedia project (-> full instructions),
    • Creating a local Wikipedia site for personal use (-> database dump, mirroring)

[edit] Installation

Detailed information can be found here: Installation.

[edit] Configuration

Edit LocalSettings.php, mediawiki's system options.

To learn variables and about enabling the Apache httpd's Rewrite Engine, see Configuration

Configuration chapters (technically worded informative papers)

  1. Preventing access
  2. Configuration - interwiki/external wiki linking, adminsettings.php, language.php and localsettings.php features to edit
  3. Configuration settings index - full list of localsettings.php variables
  4. Apache config
  5. Robots.txt - how to stop search engines from indexing the internals of your wiki
  6. Short URL - Rewrite rules to make URLs shorter
  7. PHP config
  8. MySQL config

[edit] Administration

See Administration

Customization - learn how to use mediawiki and change settings here

  1. Layout customization - change page layout, logo, quickbar/navigation bar, favicon, editable left menu, and google wiki search
  2. Help:System message How to customize system messages such as link text, button text, etc. within MediaWiki without modifying any .php files.
  3. Set Global Timezone
  4. Localisation - localization and customization for link texts and messages like 'fromwikipedia'
  5. Interwiki links
  6. Custom skins
  7. Custom namespaces
  8. Configuration tips and tricks
  9. Extensions

[edit] Security

See Security.


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