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The Ben NanoNote is available from, and shipped globally from Hong Kong using FedEx. Distributors are currently selling it in Europe and India (see Shipping Notes). Outside of those regions, shipping costs for individual NanoNotes can be quite high, so a group purchase of 10 units can bring down per-unit shipping costs substantially [TBD: example].

This page is to organize group purchases by region.


[edit] Worldwide

  1. There is the possibility of the nanonote be sold in individual units at Product request forum:

[edit] United States

[edit] MA

[edit] US, Massachusetts, Boston

  1. Daniel J Clark - - Is willing to organize group buys. Please include the phrase "Ben Nanonote Wiki Group Buy" in the subject of any emails. He will also have a limited number of Ben Nanonotes available at Libre Planet 2010, the Free Software conference held March 19-21 in Cambridge, MA.

[edit] Brazil

[edit] Canada

[edit] ON

[edit] Canada, Ontario, Toronto

[edit] Colombia

[edit] VL

[edit] Colombia, Valle, Buga

  1. Cristian Paul PeƱaranda - paul@kristianpaul@org - Se esta organizando un grupo de compra desde la coferencia de Copyleft Hardware en la Campus Party,

almenos 10 unidades son viables para bajar costos entre los interesados. El tiempo de entrega seria de 3 dias al pais, y uno o dos a el destino de cada comprador. Enviarme un correo si esta interesado.

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