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after rebase, we have to run 'git push -f' for update the git server, after do that, the git history is changed. so we have to update the local repo


[edit] Qi-hosted projects step by step

  1. Create an account on
  2. Ask User:Xiangfu to create a new project for you ( NOTE: Copyleft hardware projects only!)
  3. Go to and click on your new project. Your project now becomes the context for the whole site, which is not that obvious apart from the project name in the top-right hand corner of the page
  4. Click /Source\, then |How To Get The Code|. Don't try to clone the repository yet
  5. You'll need to provide your SSH key
  6. Then follow the First Commit instructions. This example is for the "man-tiny" project:
mkdir man-tiny
cd man-tiny/
git init
touch .gitignore  # Cannot push an empty repository
git add .
git commit -m "initial import"
git remote add origin
git push origin master

Once again, do NOT copy the commands above verbatim since they refer specifically to the man-tiny project.

[edit] openwrt-xburst.git rebased, what you need do?

[edit] backup your works

  1. if the changes not commit, backup by 'git stash', restore them by 'git stash pop'
  2. if already commit, backup by 'git format-patch -N' N means the commit count, restore them by "git am ...."

[edit] update your local repo

$ git fetch -a
$ git reset --hard origin/master (make sure you are in correct local 'master' branch)

[edit] openwrt-xburst.git rebase steps

$ git clone git:// # checkout openwrt-xburst.git 
$ git remote add backfire git:// # add new remote for upstream backfire, we name it 'backfire'
$ git fetch -a  # fetch all files
$ git remote update # otherwise next step fails
$ git checkout -b backfire backfire/master  # checkout a new local branch for backifre, we name it 'backfire'
$ git checkout backfire; git pull  # before we do rebase, we always upload local repo
$ git checkout master; git pull
$ git rebase backfire   # then at 'master' branch run 
$ git mergetool #choose one you like, if there is conflicts, we you using GUI merge tool for resolve the conflicts
$ git rebase --continue  # after fix conflicts run
$ git rebase -i backfire   # if you want skip some commit, or merge two commit to one. we can using 
$ git config -l  # the config of my local git repo:

[edit] rebaseing output

there are 154 commits for nanonote. those output rebase on git-svn-id: svn:// 3c298f89-4303-0410-b956-a3cf2f4a3e73

$ git rebase backfire
First, rewinding head to replay your work on top of it...
Applying: this patch add uboot-xburst package
Applying: some cleanup about xburst target
Applying: add ks7010 drivers
Applying: copy data folder from history branch
Applying: gitignore vim temporary files (*~)
Applying: add Nanonoe special feeds.conf under data folder
Applying: [config.full_system] add package byobu
Applying: cleanup the build file
Applying: add <> as mirror for source
Applying: adjust the rootfs partiton size to 512MB
Applying: deselect gnuplot since it does not compile (in our tree)
Applying: NAND DATA Partition offset and fixed according to 512
Applying: [config.full_system] add gcc-mips, fixed in openwrt package: 8dbf61c, tested in build hosts
Applying: [linux] support increase/decrease in screen brightness
Applying: added w3m to config.full_system
Applying: enable locale support in uClibc
Applying: add libncursesw to config.full_system
Applying: add ks7010 firmware
Applying: add gmenu2x to inittab, remove init.d/start
Applying: add a lot of apps entry in gmenu2x
Applying: [uboot-xburst] remove debug code
Applying: added HISTFILE env variable in /etc/profile
Applying: Disable syslogd and klogd
Applying: don't need ldd() function if actual ldd is installed
Applying: add [ash] and fix the [bash] entry in gmenu2x
Applying: added tcl to full_system
Applying: added some config files and enabled busybox stty
Applying: make sure uClibc won't attempt to get pregenerated locales.
Applying: some changes to gmenu2x icons
Applying: remove version string from /etc/banner - include it from /etc/VERSION instead to avoid unneeded redundancy
Applying: Export NanoNote specific global settings affecting QT4 applications.
Applying: add terminal section
Applying: keep cleanup the /etc/banner
Applying: merged xbboot.README into config.xbboot
Applying: [config.full_system] group up it a little
Applying: remove the ntfs package
Applying: [config.full_system] add fsck
Applying: /etc/banner: fixed noeol; /etc/VERSION was missing
Applying: added keymap for Qt apps
Applying: [config.full_system] add dosfslabel, resize2fs, sysfsutils, tune2fs
Applying: add more apps entry in gmenu2x, abook, bc, nightsky, sc, vim
Applying: added qt4-demos and qt4-examples to full_system
Applying: [config.full_system] add nanoterm
Applying: remove fn-handle and cmdpad, add triggerhappy
Applying: add poweroff.conf for triggerhappy
Applying: add Berlin as the NanoMap example maps
Applying: add nightsky icon png file
Applying: use more sane 'linux' TERM
Applying: updated Qt keymap
Applying: call setfont2 before starting abook
Applying: add mutt icon to gmenu2x apps list
Applying: space in tune2fs config.full_system (thanks aisa)
Applying: call setfont2 before tetris
Applying: fix Home/End keys in vim
Applying: cleanup, try to download root.ubi.bz2 first
Applying: set "Local" VERSION on manual build
Applying: default config for netsurf
Applying: Prepare kernel for keymouse
Applying: netsurf: add the "close" button to toolbar
Applying: add setfont2 ... to /usr/bin/gmenu2x
Applying: update some info. use bzip2 -d instead of tar xf
Applying: replace triggerhappy with triggersad until it's not fixed upstream
Applying: remove /usr/bin/ben-ash, since we setfont2 in /usr/bin/gmenu2x
Applying: config.full_system: add wget, nfs-utils, netcat
Applying: add qc icon in gmenu2x
Applying: config.full_system: add netsurf, add Internet group
Applying: fix the wrong log.txt path, when using -l option
Applying: add fw_setenv_default for set all u-boot variable to default
Applying: files: remove display banner in /etc/profile
Applying: change the way of check wget error, which is more common
Applying: hide warning messages on gmenu2x start
Applying: Revert "hide warning messages on gmenu2x start"
Applying: move sample NanoMap maps to it's package
Applying: move .nightsky.yml to it's package
Applying: add new packages recently added in openwrt-package.git
Applying: config.full_system, group up it a little
Applying: add new package gmenu2x icons: aewan, byobu, mc, powertop, snownews, tunec
Applying: remove VERSION, add more configure to directfbrc
Applying: add progress bar
Applying: move ks7010 firmware to it's package
Applying: move those example file to a new package: nanonote-example-files
Applying: disable fbterm and lynx, since they do not compile... latter one should be easy to fix (missing iconv.h)
Applying: automatic create /dev/rtc
Applying: delete accidental config.full_system.rej
Applying: add -Vall to alsamixer, for display MIC stuff
Applying: config.debug: the minimal .config with debugging capabilities
Applying: mv all gmenu2x stuff to it's package
Applying: add nanonote-example-files pakcage to config.full_system
Applying: remove the pixelformat=RGB24, make some program display not correct
Applying: add moc qstardict to config.full_system
Applying: Revert "disable fbterm and lynx, since they do not compile... latter one should be easy to fix (missing iconv.h)"
Applying: config.full_system add wtime
Applying: files: disable atd, telnet, led in nanonote
Applying: config.full_system: add emacs
Applying: config.all_packages: add all packages config file base on minial
Applying: update the qi-hardware sources mirror address
Applying: bash-files: update the package url
Applying: add BenNanoNote to hosts file
Applying: fix DNS timeout problem when applications resolve the FQDN
Applying: undo hosts file fix.  Xiangfu was quicker and did it better :)
Applying: Adapt config.full_system to new emacs package name.  Add emacs japanese
Applying: update package to known-good revisions, thanks David Kuehling
Applying: config.all_packages: remove mp3, mp4, rootfs, u-boot
Applying: Add gfortran compiler support to the toolchain
Applying: configu.full_system: remove IB and Toolchain
Applying: using 'strip' instead of 'sstrip'
Applying: config.full_system, add math stuff and some new pakcages
Applying: put qi openwrt-packages git on top in feed.conf
Applying: use ccache also for C++ compilation
Applying: enable the toolchain option for Octave and libgfortran
Applying: config.full_system-add-more-php5-modules.patch
Applying: config.full_system: add package sqlite2-cli
Applying: feeds.conf add @revision to feeds.conf
Applying: INSTALL_FGORTRAN needs those two options
Applying: config.full_system: add recently new packages
Applying: config.full_system remove sshfs, not working under dropbear ssh server
Applying: add vm.overcommit_memory = 1 sysctl.conf
Applying: feeds.conf update packages revision to 25034
Applying: config.full_system include plplot-demo
Applying: merge all_package and full_system to one
Applying: config.full_system, remove build uboot for avt2 n516 sakc
Applying: mplayer: use "tremor" as default audio codec
Applying: make libgfortran depend on @INSTALL_GFORTRAN toolchain option
Applying: enable CONFIG_BUILD_NLS and full versions of iconv/gettext
Applying: config.debug/minimal enable rootfs tar.gz
Applying: move those files to nanonote-files package
Applying: config.full_system add nanonote script files package
Applying: u-boot add-more-boot-option
Applying: update feeds.conf revision for recently NLS update
Applying: update package revision to 25513, xfce: using
Applying: config.full_system disable some demo and examples
Applying: uboot-xburst, add ubifs support
Applying: Restore sdio fix for the spectec wlan card
Applying: disable CONFIG_ALL, add Tile and gottet
Applying: config.full_system: add supertux, terminus-font
Applying: config.full_system: build gcc-mips, make, binutils as modules. Remove
Applying: config.full_system: remove "=m" packages
Applying: don't include ghostscript and fbgs into rootfs, build as modules
Applying: config.full_system: fix name of gnuplot package (was renamed a long time ago)
Applying: add zgv, MPlayer, brainless
Applying: remove custum banner, focus on 100% upstream,
Applying: config.full_system: add setterm
Applying: config.full_system: include GNU tar
Applying: [package] ks7010: Remove debug printks
Applying: [xburst] jz_mmc: Drop warning about spares irqs.
Applying: [xburst] Improve mounttime.
Applying: have sound modules built in kernel
Applying:, new option b k r, reboot device after reflash
Applying: add sound options to default config, so that it won't popup
Applying: config.full_system: add openssh-sftp-server 
Applying: update opkg.conf, don't using /tmp keep packages information 
Applying: config.full_system: busybox enhancements
Applying: config.full_system: more busybox options

[edit] openwrt-xburst.git rebase on upstream 'trunk'

[edit] get all nanonote patches

$ git format -155 #at Mar 22 2011. we hvae 155 patches on top of backfire 

[edit] working progress

├── 0001-this-patch-add-uboot-xburst-package.patch
├── 0002-some-cleanup-about-xburst-target.patch
├── 0021-uboot-xburst-remove-debug-code.patch
├── 0129-u-boot-add-more-boot-option.patch
└── 0133-uboot-xburst-add-ubifs-support.patch
PATCHES-applied-in-trunk (might have slightly different name/adapted for trunk/or not needed in trunk)
├── 0003-add-ks7010-drivers.patch
├── 0014-linux-support-increase-decrease-in-screen-brightness.patch
├── 0016-enable-locale-support-in-uClibc.patch
├── 0018-add-ks7010-firmware.patch
├── 0023-Disable-syslogd-and-klogd.patch
├── 0028-make-sure-uClibc-won-t-attempt-to-get-pregenerated-l.patch
├── 0059-Prepare-kernel-for-keymouse.patch
├── 0081-move-ks7010-firmware-to-it-s-package.patch
├── 0097-update-the-qi-hardware-sources-mirror-address.patch
├── 0105-Add-gfortran-compiler-support-to-the-toolchain.patch
├── 0110-use-ccache-also-for-C-compilation.patch
├── 0124-make-libgfortran-depend-on-INSTALL_GFORTRAN-toolchai.patch
├── 0134-Restore-sdio-fix-for-the-spectec-wlan-card.patch
├── 0145-package-ks7010-Remove-debug-printks.patch
├── 0148-have-sound-modules-built-in-kernel.patch
├── 0150-add-sound-options-to-default-config-so-that-it-won-t.patch
├── 0146-xburst-jz_mmc-Drop-warning-about-spares-irqs.patch
└── 0147-xburst-Improve-mounttime.patch
├── 0005-gitignore-vim-temporary-files.patch
├── 0098-bash-files-update-the-package-url.patch
├── 0099-add-
├── 0118-add-vm.overcommit_memory-1-sysctl.conf.patch
└── 0152-update-opkg.conf-don-t-using-tmp-keep-packages-infor.patch
├── 0004-copy-data-folder-from-history-branch.patch
├── 0006-add-Nanonoe-special-feeds.conf-under-data-folder.patch
├── 0007-config.full_system-add-package-byobu.patch
├── 0008-cleanup-the-build-file.patch
├── 0011-deselect-gnuplot-since-it-does-not-compile-in-our-tr.patch
├── 0013-config.full_system-add-gcc-mips-fixed-in-openwrt-pac.patch
├── 0015-added-w3m-to-config.full_system.patch
├── 0017-add-libncursesw-to-config.full_system.patch
├── 0019-add-gmenu2x-to-inittab-remove-init.d-start.patch
├── 0020-add-a-lot-of-apps-entry-in-gmenu2x.patch
├── 0022-added-HISTFILE-env-variable-in-etc-profile.patch
├── 0024-don-t-need-ldd-function-if-actual-ldd-is-installed.patch
├── 0025-add-ash-and-fix-the-bash-entry-in-gmenu2x.patch
├── 0026-added-tcl-to-full_system.patch
├── 0027-added-some-config-files-and-enabled-busybox-stty.patch
├── 0030-some-changes-to-gmenu2x-icons.patch
├── 0031-remove-version-string-from-etc-banner-include-it-fro.patch
├── 0032-Export-NanoNote-specific-global-settings-affecting-Q.patch
├── 0033-add-terminal-section.patch
├── 0034-keep-cleanup-the-etc-banner.patch
├── 0035-merged-xbboot.README-into-config.xbboot.patch
├── 0036-config.full_system-group-up-it-a-little.patch
├── 0037-remove-the-ntfs-package.patch
├── 0038-config.full_system-add-fsck.patch
├── 0039-etc-banner-fixed-noeol-etc-VERSION-was-missing.patch
├── 0040-added-keymap-for-Qt-apps.patch
├── 0041-config.full_system-add-dosfslabel-resize2fs-sysfsuti.patch
├── 0042-add-more-apps-entry-in-gmenu2x-abook-bc-nightsky-sc-.patch
├── 0043-added-qt4-demos-and-qt4-examples-to-full_system.patch
├── 0044-config.full_system-add-nanoterm.patch
├── 0045-remove-fn-handle-and-cmdpad-add-triggerhappy.patch
├── 0046-add-poweroff.conf-for-triggerhappy.patch
├── 0047-add-Berlin-as-the-NanoMap-example-maps.patch
├── 0048-add-nightsky-icon-png-file.patch
├── 0049-use-more-sane-linux-TERM.patch
├── 0050-updated-Qt-keymap.patch
├── 0051-call-setfont2-before-starting-abook.patch
├── 0052-add-mutt-icon-to-gmenu2x-apps-list.patch
├── 0053-space-in-tune2fs-config.full_system-thanks-aisa.patch
├── 0054-call-setfont2-before-tetris.patch
├── 0055-fix-Home-End-keys-in-vim.patch
├── 0057-set-Local-VERSION-on-manual-build.patch
├── 0058-default-config-for-netsurf.patch
├── 0060-netsurf-add-the-close-button-to-toolbar.patch
├── 0061-add-setfont2-.-to-usr-bin-gmenu2x.patch
├── 0063-replace-triggerhappy-with-triggersad-until-it-s-not-.patch
├── 0064-remove-usr-bin-ben-ash-since-we-setfont2-in-usr-bin-.patch
├── 0065-config.full_system-add-wget-nfs-utils-netcat.patch
├── 0066-add-qc-icon-in-gmenu2x.patch
├── 0067-config.full_system-add-netsurf-add-Internet-group.patch
├── 0068-fix-the-wrong-log.txt-path-when-using-l-option.patch
├── 0069-add-fw_setenv_default-for-set-all-u-boot-variable-to.patch
├── 0070-files-remove-display-banner-in-etc-profile.patch
├── 0071-change-the-way-of-check-wget-error-which-is-more-com.patch
├── 0072-hide-warning-messages-on-gmenu2x-start.patch
├── 0073-Revert-hide-warning-messages-on-gmenu2x-start.patch
├── 0074-move-sample-NanoMap-maps-to-it-s-package.patch
├── 0075-move-.nightsky.yml-to-it-s-package.patch
├── 0076-add-new-packages-recently-added-in-openwrt-package.g.patch
├── 0077-config.full_system-group-up-it-a-little.patch
├── 0078-add-new-package-gmenu2x-icons-aewan-byobu-mc-powerto.patch
├── 0079-remove-VERSION-add-more-configure-to-directfbrc.patch
├── 0082-move-those-example-file-to-a-new-package-nanonote-ex.patch
├── 0083-disable-fbterm-and-lynx-since-they-do-not-compile.-l.patch
├── 0084-automatic-create-dev-rtc.patch
├── 0085-delete-accidental-config.full_system.rej.patch
├── 0086-add-Vall-to-alsamixer-for-display-MIC-stuff.patch
├── 0087-config.debug-the-minimal-.config-with-debugging-capa.patch
├── 0088-mv-all-gmenu2x-stuff-to-it-s-package.patch
├── 0089-add-nanonote-example-files-pakcage-to-config.full_sy.patch
├── 0090-remove-the-pixelformat-RGB24-make-some-program-displ.patch
├── 0091-add-moc-qstardict-to-config.full_system.patch
├── 0092-Revert-disable-fbterm-and-lynx-since-they-do-not-com.patch
├── 0093-config.full_system-add-wtime.patch
├── 0094-files-disable-atd-telnet-led-in-nanonote.patch
├── 0095-config.full_system-add-emacs.patch
├── 0096-config.all_packages-add-all-packages-config-file-bas.patch
├── 0100-fix-DNS-timeout-problem-when-applications-resolve-th.patch
├── 0101-undo-hosts-file-fix.-Xiangfu-was-quicker-and-did-it-.patch
├── 0102-Adapt-config.full_system-to-new-emacs-package-name.-.patch
├── 0103-update-package-to-known-good-revisions-thanks-David-.patch
├── 0104-config.all_packages-remove-mp3-mp4-rootfs-u-boot.patch
├── 0106-configu.full_system-remove-IB-and-Toolchain.patch
├── 0107-using-strip-instead-of-sstrip.patch
├── 0108-config.full_system-add-math-stuff-and-some-new-pakca.patch
├── 0109-put-qi-openwrt-packages-git-on-top-in-feed.conf.patch
├── 0111-enable-the-toolchain-option-for-Octave-and-libgfortr.patch
├── 0112-config.full_system-add-more-php5-modules.patch.patch
├── 0113-config.full_system-add-package-sqlite2-cli.patch
├── 0114-feeds.conf-add-revision-to-feeds.conf.patch
├── 0115-INSTALL_FGORTRAN-needs-those-two-options.patch
├── 0116-config.full_system-add-recently-new-packages.patch
├── 0117-config.full_system-remove-sshfs-not-working-under-dr.patch
├── 0119-feeds.conf-update-packages-revision-to-25034.patch
├── 0120-config.full_system-include-plplot-demo.patch
├── 0121-merge-all_package-and-full_system-to-one.patch
├── 0122-config.full_system-remove-build-uboot-for-avt2-n516-.patch
├── 0123-mplayer-use-tremor-as-default-audio-codec.patch
├── 0125-enable-CONFIG_BUILD_NLS-and-full-versions-of-iconv-g.patch
├── 0126-config.debug-minimal-enable-rootfs-tar.gz.patch
├── 0127-move-those-files-to-nanonote-files-package.patch
├── 0128-config.full_system-add-nanonote-script-files-package.patch
├── 0130-update-feeds.conf-revision-for-recently-NLS-update.patch
├── 0132-config.full_system-disable-some-demo-and-examples.patch
├── 0135-disable-CONFIG_ALL-add-Tile-and-gottet.patch
├── 0136-config.full_system-add-supertux-terminus-font.patch
├── 0137-config.full_system-build-gcc-mips-make-binutils-as-m.patch
├── 0138-config.full_system-remove-m-packages.patch
├── 0139-don-t-include-ghostscript-and-fbgs-into-rootfs-build.patch
├── 0140-config.full_system-fix-name-of-gnuplot-package-was-r.patch
├── 0141-add-zgv-MPlayer-brainless.patch
├── 0142-remove-custum-banner-focus-on-100-upstream.patch
├── 0143-config.full_system-add-setterm.patch
├── 0144-config.full_system-include-GNU-tar.patch
├── 0151-config.full_system-add-openssh-sftp-server.patch
├── 0153-config.full_system-busybox-enhancements.patch
├── 0154-config.full_system-more-busybox-options.patch
└── 0155-move-those-files-to-openwrt-package.git.patch
├── 0010-adjust-the-rootfs-partiton-size-to-512MB.patch
 155 files
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