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[edit] Setting up required binaries

As of 2.06.2011, GoldEd, BinkD and CrashMail are not available through default ipkg repositories, so you have to either build the packages on your own or use these links:
CrashMail package
BinkD package
GoldEd package

[edit] Using the software

To use this software, you may want to create a shell script for instant access instead of having to run 3 separate commands. For example, if you installed FidoPager into /fidopager:

cat > /usr/bin/fido

This isn't an ideal script, but it works :).

Also, it is necessary to run GoldEd from FBTerm.
You need to connect your NanoNote to internet in order to download packages from your uplink, either with WiFi or USB.
By default, in the GoldEd editing mode the Ctrl-keys don't work. So, the keys are remapped — press F2 during editing to finish and F3 to delete the current line. You can change the keymap in FidoPager_install_dir/etc/golded/goldkeys.cfg.

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