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  • lightning talk
    • 15 min long
    • Presentation to project during talk must be send before 30 January
    • Title: Ben NanoNote and copyleft hardware
    • Scheduled:Saturday 15h00
    • Data summited to FOSDEM about the talk:
  project name: Qi Hardware, copyleft hardware devices
  project website:
  project license: GPL, CC-BY-SA
  project description:  Qi Hardware is copyleft hardware. Copyleft hardware is hardware where all information needed for its
   production is free. So you are left with physical goods on one side, and free information on the other side. All
   documentation is under CC-BY-SA, including internal schematics, building processes, and of course software is GPL, but
   far beyond that we are trying to make all processes to use only FOSS tools, including design of hardware (KiCad),
   production testing software, management, marketing, etc.  At the moment we are focusing on our first device, a mini
   computer called Ben NanoNote.
  talk title: Ben NanoNote and copyleft hardware
  talk description: Introduction to Ben NanoNote by Qi Hardware and possibilities copyleft hardware devices can bring to hardware 
   design and software development.
  speaker firstname: David Reyes
  speaker lastname: Samblas Martinez
  speaker email:
  speaker activities: Open hardware supporter in various projects, (Ben NanoNote, Arduino, Openmoko), CEO of Tuxbrain SL 
   ( a company distributor of Open Hardware and FOSS friendly portable and embedded devices.
  speaker picture:

Presentation slides: ODP 6,6Mb PDF 1.9Mb

  • longer speech(es) in Mobile & Embedded devroom
    • Philippe De Swert (devroom coordinator) need the proposals to mount and present to FOSDEM organization the schedule of the talks of the devroom this Sunday 10th January need Talk title, brief description, estimated duration (1h max) and brief bio of the speaker. We can work together on the following days on the talks on list and this wiki page until FOSDEM.
    • How devrooms looks like (1),(2),(3)
    • David & Victor from Tuxbrain will be in the devroom almost the 2 full days hacking/playing with his devices there, maybe making turns to assist to some of the tons of interesting conferences on other places.
    • 15 mins (lightning talk) is too short time to explain the Qi hardware goals and Ben NanoNote possibilities in depth, so I will love to have Mirko(s) and/or Jon explain it on a 1h talk , I (David) am brave enough to maintain a 15 min talk , but a longer talk is too much for my English skills I guess.(need info to send to Philippe)
    • Bas Wijnen propose a Iris OS talk too (need info to send to Philippe)
    • Jon Phillips proposed a Qi vs Shanzhai talk
      • proposal: [1]
      • presentation: [2]
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