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Plans for making experimental crochet case E01

Typed on nano editor on Ben Nanonote

Main Case
Yarn size 4 (worsted) 
hook size 5.00 mm (H-8) 

ch 14Â, ch 3 (countas dc)
dc in 5th ch from hook, and each across (14 total including ch-3)
rotate work and dc in each single loop on  other side of ch and skipped single ch of other side 
sl st to top of ch-3Â, ch-2, 
bpdc in next stitchÂ, fpdc in next stitch
repeat above line to stitch #27 (counting ch-2 
dc in next dc, ch-2, sl st to ch2

ch-2, bpdc, fpdc (alternate to 28 stitches, sc in each of the 2 ch from previous round
sl st in top of ch-2

(ch-2, skip bpdc sc in fpdc) 13 times 
skip last bpdc 
ch-2Â, sc2tog the 2 sc 
end round 

[(ch-2ÂÂÂ,  in next sc 14 ti, sc´ing into odd spot from before]
repeat previous

[turn,(ch2Â, sc in nxt sc) 13 times]3 times

(ch 2, sc in next sc) 13 times
repeat above line (turning at end of row)

(ch 2 sc in next sc ) 13 times 
ch 1,( sc in ch space and next sc ) around, 13 in all
fasten off

same yarn and hook as for Main Case

join to ch1, ch1 with tail, 2 with yarn from skein

skip first sc, dc in next 11 turn
*ch2, bpdc around next st, fpdc around next
repeat bpdc,fpdc to end , ending with bpdc around initial ch-3
ch2, turn repeat from * 
repeat again and fasten off

Size 1 yarn
F 3.75mm hook

join to edge, ch1 with tail, sc in same place
(ch2, skip st, sc in next sc) 10 times

without fastening off, continue

Button 	Hole

sc in first 6 st across top of flap
2 sc in next sc 
sc in last 5 st

ch 2, turn skip first sc, hdc in each st across (12 total)
ch 1, sc in first 5 hdc, ch 3, skip 3 hdc sc in next 2 sc and ch2
ch2, hdc in each st (including chÂs)across
fasten off

join to corner where you last left off , ch 1 with tail, sc in same space

(ch2, sc in next ch after skipping)12 times
sl st in first sc from beginning of edging

Edging for Hole
(keep yarn outside of case)
join , ch2 (1 of which with tail)

(ch 2, skip st, sc) around, sl st in first sc

fasten off

weave in all ends

Putting the button on

with an arm span of thread, place button to match hole.
tie thread to needle, thread from back to front making sure to not allow tail to pull completely through work
proceed to thread in an X fashion and tie by pulling needle through loop in back
thread needle under threads and pull through loop to secure further

cut off thread 


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