Crocheted LG Phone Case With Soure Code

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My dearest mother has an LG cell phone that she wanted to get a new case for, but found none of the commercially available ones appealing (or affordable). Thus, I offered to make one up out of yarn for her. When I got done, I thought the design and color scheme may be appealing to fans of my Nanonote case. Here is the pattern to make the case from scratch: (Note that this pattern is currently for LG cell phone, but will be modified for Ben NN if there is positive response/ request)

  • Yarn: medium to light gauge (4-3)
  • Hook: 4.00 mm
  • ch 8, ch 1, 8 sc into 2nd ch from hook
  • turn work to work into opposite side- 8 sc, sl st. into ch 1
  • Repeat ch1, sc into each sc around (8), sl st. into ch1 19 times (20 total times)
  • For back attachment loop:
    • turn, ch1, 3 sc
    • ch1, turn, 3sc
    • repeat 4 times
    • ch2, hdc, ch, skip st., hdc
    • w/out chaining 1, turn, 3sc
    • fasten off.
  • For Cover Flap:
    • From back outside, and farthest right, join yarn with one loop on hook, sc in st to L and for 7 st
    • ch1 turn, 8 sc, ch1, turn
    • repeat
    • sc2tog, 4sc, sc2tog, ch1
    • sc across
    • ch1, sc2tog, 2sc, sc2tog
    • ch1, sc across
    • fasten off
  • For cover button hole (in thinner yarn):
    • To right of 4th sc on flap, join on side, ch1
    • 2sc in each st., turn
    • ch1, sc2tog, 4sc, sc2tog
    • ch1, 2sc, ch5, skip 2, 2sc, turn
    • ch1, 1sc, skip 1, 5 hdc in 5-ch space, skip 1, 1sc
    • fasten off.
  • Then attach buttons to front and back and the project is complete!

Notes: The front flap looks a little silly being too thin and perhaps too long, I may change that. The back flap attaches to a belt loop but may over time not work. If one jumps with the case attached, it will likely fall off. For future editions, more secure button holes are in order. Overall form-fitedness is better than any other case I have made.

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