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Though I have provided images and patterns for some of my crochet cases, this page intends to be a look at how to design a custom crochet case itself and the myriad decisions that face one along the way.

Firstly, although we are going to build a case from scratch, I will not at this point teach you how to crochet. You may teach yourself quite easily if you wish. I start from an assumption of knowledge of crocheting.

The first item we will make is the case body, the main part.

Textural options:

 In crochet, there are many different basic stitches, but we will consider 3; the Single Crochet, Half Double Crochet, and the Double Crochet. 
  Either of these stitches may comprise the bulk of our case with difering results. 

sc is the smallest, tightest looking stitch hdc is slightly elastic, but still small dc is long and loose and has lots of give to it

smaller stitches look better (to me), but take longer to achieve the same length or bulk.

The one similarity in all the patterns here is the way we begin, by:

Code: ch 14

to experiment yourself, to make the case looser fitting, ad more chains, to make it snugger (although this is about as snug as you can get) chain less

Next we will add some chains to accomodate our first stitch. For sc ch1, for hdc ch2, for dc ch 3

Then: for sc: sc into 2nd ch from hook for hdc: hdc in 3rd ch from hook for dc: dc in 4th ch from hook

THen continue doing the stitch you chose in all ch's across, then rotate work and execute the stitch in the opposite side of each ch until you reach the ch1, ch2, or ch3 (depending) from the begiining, which you should have marked with a safety pin or other object. Then sl st into it.

ch as many as is appropriate, then stitch into each stitch around and sl st into the chain(1/2/3) at the beggining of the round

Remember that since there are 14 ch , and you wirk both sides, there are 28 stitches in all.

repeat the process 13 times OR until you get the desired height. It wil be very different for each stitch.

To get the same height it takes 13 rounds of sc 9 rounds of hdc and only 6 rounds of dc

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