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Copying is an act of love. Please copy & share.
Mimi and Eunice by Nina Paley

  • Over at Osmocom, Marcin Mielczarczyk posted an update about getting the MTK 6140 GSM/EDGE RF transceiver to work for the free OsmocomBB GSM stack. Read on about solid progress and good links, and join if you can... [1]
  • Bitcoins: We've had discussions and discoveries about paying for copyleft hardware with Bitcoins, a digital currency created in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto. Read an EFF commentary about Bitcoins. (Bitcoin on Wikipedia)
  • Sharing spectrum: In order to connect potentially related projects, it's worth mentioning that the IETF recently started a mailing list to define a protocol for access to a white space database. The aim is to make unused or underused spectrum available on an ad-hoc basis, rather than preallocating large chunks of spectrum to the few nation-sized companies that are currently controlling access to our mobile Internet. Read more and join the paws mailing list at [2].

[edit] Milkymist

Yann Sionneau talking about Milkymist One at OSHUG #8, London, March 10
  • Jon Phillips put his Milkymist One to good use at the Mozilla Firefox 4 release party in Beijing, China. [3]
Milkymist One making people happy at Firefox 4 release party in Beijing, March 23
  • Jon Phillips proposed a change of the Milkymist One case color to transparent light-blue. He did an ad-hoc Starbucks survey and people at 3 different tables were all in favor of transparent light-blue over the violet that we used for most cases so far. There were no objections from Sebastien and others so it seems that's a go.
Transparent light-blue - the case color for Milkymist One RC3 (acrylic panel on right side removed for JTAG).
  • We are thinking about including a simple video camera as an accessory for Milkymist One, our current favorite is the OBK-2010CW with a 1/3' ' Sony CCD sensor, 0.5 Lux usable illumination, 3.6 mm M12 lens, weatherproof metal case (bullet style), standard 1/4' ' 20 tpi tripod threading. The decision is not final yet, we will do more comparisons and see what works well with Milkymist One. Also see Kristian Paul's camera comparison.
OBK-2010CW (actual camera case is about 8 cm long, 2 cm diameter)
  • Sebastien Bourdeauducq added visual patches for live video transformation [4].
  • Sebastien designed a new Flickernoise color theme.
New Milkymist One color theme
PDF viewer
  • Sebastien updated his thorough 6-page technical introduction to the Milkymist project. pdf
  • Xiangfu Liu wrote Makefiles for automatic compilation of the Milkymist One toolchain, RTEMS and Flickernoise, and added a screenshot feature fbgrab.
Milkymist one-flickernoise-V0.1.ogv
Xiangfu Liu running Milkymist One [1:23 min, 9.1 MB]
  • Michael Walle started working on a GDB based debug system using the serial link alone instead of OpenOCD. [5]

[edit] NanoNote

Maybe it extends further than I thought...
Ben meets Arduino.
First demo ardunote.ogv
ArduNote First Steps - Building and flashing Arduino sketch with NanoNote [2:32 min, 15.4 MB]
Tuxbrain only moments away from ...?
  • David Kühling made the first steps in using XBurst hardware acceleration features for accelerated mplayer video playing. [6]
  • Werner sent several home-made ben-wpan prototypes to early supporters around the world. [7]
From Buenos Aires with love.
  • Werner got the first 802.15.4 communication going between two Bens via ATBEN boards, using the stack of the linux-zigbee project. [8]
  • Tuxbrain will lead ben-wpan production and has started the process with the PCB fab.[9]
  • Werner Almesberger started to make the design to SMT fab process semi-automatic and more reproducible with Makefile.kicad.
atben - 802.15.4 8:10 card dongle.
atusb - 802.15.4 USB dongle.

[edit] Xué

  • It seems the Xué project (a video camera based on Milkymist) reached a dead end with the original author having stopped working on it, and no new contributors joining. So until someone steps up, we borrowed the Apache Attic concept, and moved Xué to our very own attic. The attic may actually come in handy for a few other Qi projects and proposals that have reached end of life. Over time you may see some cleanup, with things being moved into the attic. Nothing gets lost there, so no worries...
Copyleft hardware attic.
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