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  • Over at our Osmocom GSM friends, Marcin Mielczarczyk gave a status update on his effort to run Linux on a MTK 6235 smartphone, including Youtube video to show Angstrom/OPIE running on the phone. The big task of actual GSM baseband action is still missing, but I think this is one of the most promising approaches towards a free phone.
Angstrom/OPIE booting on MTK 6235 phone
David in Bruxelles, with NanoNotes, Milkymist One, and other gear. Dr. Schaller from looking on.

[edit] Milkymist

Kpaul luam.png
  • Kristian Paul took copyleft hardware principles to heart, and had a case made for his Milkymist One locally in Colombia, using the same CAD files as the original cases from Raumfahrtagentur.
Bogota made Milkymist One case (10 USD for the case, 5 USD shipping to Kristian Paul in Buga)
  • Sharism is now selling full Milkymist One sets including case for 499 USD plus shipping.
  • Yanjun Luo fixed a USB high-speed bug that slipped into the first jtag-serial daughterboard run. Existing stock was reworked by Adam, and bad boards in the field will be replaced (the bug was known before but a decision was made to go ahead because even with the bug, the boards work fine in still fast USB full-speed mode). [1]
  • Many bug fixes and improvements, such as a hardware fix for an FPGA bootup configuration problem [2], RTEMS Ethernet driver fixes, added mouse-wheel support in Flickernoise and PDF-based help system.

[edit] NanoNote

  • Jane sent a Valentine's Ascii art gift, and continued with her case collection. (
Jane's NanoNote case group hug
  • Irina Bushmeleva joined Jane's crochet case production. [3]
and his wife.
Curveship on NanoNote
  • Thanks to David, kyak and others, new ports to Ben NanoNote's OpenWrt image were finished: Emacs, MPlayer, Brainless, flite, pyclock, supertux, sokoban, qball and more... (Full Applications List).
  • Xiangfu released a new stable OpenWrt image, 2011-02-23 (Announcement, Changelog, Applications List).
OpenWrt on Ben NanoNote
Xiangfu Liu trying to convert rms (old picture)
NanoNote talking to remote switchable power sockets via HopeRF module.
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