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[edit] NanoNote

ben-wpan showing the RSSI of background traffic

  • Jane Andreas designed another one of her famous crochet NanoNote cases, this time Jlime inspired. [2]
Ben NanoNote crochet case

  • Jane Andreas made the first Ascii Comic for Ben NanoNote. [3]
Aewan in action

  • David Kuehling wrote an article about Forth on the Ben NanoNote that was published in the 4/2010 issue of German Forth magazine 4th Dimension. [4], article pdf
  • David also continued his porting efforts with GNU Octave, PLplot LUA bindings, the zgv image viewer and others. GNU Octave, PLplot Lua bindings

[edit] Milkymist

  • German Linux Magazin published a nice introduction to Milkymist One. [5]
  • Milkymist One is now also available from Tuxbrain. [6]

[edit] SIE/SAKC

  • Cristian Paul uploaded the first live GPS I/Q data captured with his SiGe EVB, and asked people to join the software effort. [7]
SiGe 4162T EVB hooked up to SIE

  • Carlos Camargo forked the SAKC/SIE project to He asked David from Tuxbrain to leave the project, so SAKC/SIE is now unmaintained at has since started AndroidStamp, a breakout board around Freescale i.MX233. [8] [9]

[edit] Events

  • FOSDEM 2011. 5-6 February in Brussels(Belgium) Tuxbrain will be sharing a stand with Hackable Devices, Tuxbrain will expose NanoNote, MilkyMist ONE and some other products. if you plan to visit FOSDEM don't forget to go to the hallway and wave :)

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