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Happy New Year everybody!

[edit] NanoNote

  • Rafa released Jlime Muffinman images for the NanoNote. With X environment, Matchbox Desktop, video and music player, PDF and offline wiki viewer, and much more.
Jlime Desktop

  • Liu Xiangfu released the OpenWrt 2010-12-14 NanoNote image, including many bug fixes, new applications, and more... [1]
NanoMap on OpenWrt 2010-12-14

  • Jane made a castle case for the NanoNote, and released source codes. [2]
Jane's NanoNote castle case

[edit] Milkymist

  • roh from Raumfahrtagentur in Berlin made the second generation Milkymist One cases, this time out of acrylic instead of wood... [3]
Milkymist One acrylic case

  • Sébastien released Milkymist 1.0RC1 and Flickernoise 0.1 for use in the Milkymist One RC2 production run. [4]
  • Adam reported final results of the Milkymist One RC2 run - we learnt a lot, and in the end 35 out of 40 boards passed all tests. [5]

[edit] Xué

  • In the #qi-hardware IRC channel, we decided to move the Aptina CMOS image sensor to a separate daughterboard, using the same expansion header that was already planned for Xué.
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