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[edit] Ben NanoNote

  • Xiangfu posted a report on disassembling
  • David published a video showing the communication between his Ben and an Arduino board
Arduino nanonote serial demo001.ogv
Ben and Arduino talking to each other.

  • Xiangfu presented a new project - "xbboot" - aimed at replacing the current usbboot as the main tool to reflash the Ben
  • Ernest Kugel posted he got xburst tools working on Slackware
  • David created a logo contest for the OpenWrt splash screen
  • Mirko re-raised the environment / identity partition issue

[edit] SAKC

  • Adam sourced all parts necessary for the next small run of SAKC, and sent a package to Carlos which Carlos already received in Bogota. That includes LCMs, FPGAs, crystals, even some HopeRF modules to play with. Carlos is now waiting for his new PCBs to arrive (currently scheduled for May 5) before starting to mount the next load of SAKC boards. We don't know yet how many fully working boards we will have in the end, but if you are interested in one please speak up. They will go to people who can contribute back the most...
  • Carlos reported on that he has a soft MIPS processor

from Open Cores working on SAKC FPGA

[edit] Milkymist

  • Sebastien announced the release of Milkymist 0.5
  • Sebastien presented new Milkymist Logos and Stickers
  • Sebastien congratulated Yann on his GSoC project which will serve as a basis for the future OS of Milkymist
  • Adam finished a first pass of routing of the PCB of the Milkymist One interactive VJ station, currently under review.

[edit] OpenWrt

  • Mirko announced the plan to release different flavors of the uboot, the rootfs as well as the kernel, among them a debian compatible kernel image

[edit] Misc

  • David announced Tuxbrain was chosen to be one of the representatives of the Open Economy sector in the 20+20 project of Escuela de Organizacion Industrial (Industrial Organization School)
  • David send a list of events organized by the Spanish copyleft hardware community happening in may
  • Mirko announced changes in the wiki and Wolfgang gave more details
  • Wolfgang announced the upgrade of indefero to version 1.0
  • Wolfgang setup public searchable archives for the #qi-hardware IRC channel on freenode, and all commits into projects at will trigger a 1-line commitlog into #qi-hardware as well.
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