Community news 2010-04-04

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  • Mark Adrian Bell created a HowTo about Time settings on the NN and how to use the NN as a calendar
  • Wolfgang announced an IRC webchat as an easy way to get support here at Qi
  • Zeartul announced that with the current kernel the NN is now completely compatible with Dingoo A320 games
  • Richard Weinberger proposed splitting the rootfs in two in order to save boot time
Gmu on Ben NanoNote

  • Wolfgang improved the wiki, adding a threaded forum, support for anonymous edits (hopefully spam-safe), support for OpenID, PDF previews, timeline, charts, external data. GraphViz and SiteChart were removed because nobody used them and they are not maintained in the MediaWiki SVN.
  • Rubén Berenguel ported Gnugo to the Ben, and proposed several other math related packages to continue with (pari/gp, octave, gforth).
  • Carlos Camargo uploaded a video showing SAKC as an oscilloscope.
SAKC as scope.ogv
SAKC as a simple scope.

  • Guylhem posted binaries to flash the NanoNote from OS X
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