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With strong roots in the free software movement Qi Hardware understands that software brings life to devices, adds character to otherwise empty shells and allows users to adapt hardware to their particular needs. We know we don’t know everything: the wisdom and creativity outside the walls of the company, therefore, guides us in the difficult process of making the right decisions. Our customers drive that process; they know best what they want in a device and demand an open dialog.

We will create opportunities to join that dialog, and actively seek your participation. Qi focuses on business transactions that need to take place for hardware production: vendor relations, NDAs, financing, logistics, sales and marketing. Our own software effort focuses on the lowest layer of the software stack that needs improvement. The more community participation emerges above our efforts, the lower we can go, concentrating mainly on semiconductors, the bootloader and kernel (linux). We will use our position as a hardware supplier to reward and promote projects that we find promising. Standard free software tools are used to make the process as open as possible: Trac for issue tracking, git for version control and mailman for the mailing lists.

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