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The goal is to provide a 3d scan of the current FM3 Buddhamachine so that it can hopefully be printed on a home 3d printer. Fabricatorz Barry Threw and Brad Phillips did some scans and basic dissection of the device.


[edit] Scan 0

[edit] Problems

  • The current case we used is partially transparent, so we had to pay the casing so that laser light did not diffract and create a broken model.
  • Also, the current case is created from a metal mode more than likely by hand and not mechanically designed. This causes problems

[edit] Renders

Broken apart 1.png Broken apart 2.png Buddha box barry edit 1.png Buddha box barry edit 2.png Buddha box barry edit 3.png Buddha box barry edit 4.png Buddha box barry edit 5.png

[edit] Photos

IMG 20110413 132511.jpg IMG 20110413 132531.jpg IMG 20110413 135959.jpg IMG 20110413 140027.jpg IMG 20110413 140049.jpg

[edit] Files

[edit] Assessment

  • The case is not very good for 3D Scanning and printing.
  • Its a better use of resources to redesign the case for simplest mechanical reproduction
  • Also, a great path forward would be a scan and also a total product breakdown, including the chips.
  • How can make the entire device copyleft hardware?
  • What is the commodity or is it all just niche?
  • How could this fit into copyleft hardware project?

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