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Ben Pololu IMU is an experiment with the Ben NanoNote and the MinIMU-9 Gyro, Accelerometer, and Compass (L3G4200D and LSM303DLM Carrier) board from Pololu.

[edit] Goals

  • Experiment with I2C communication using the 8:10 port (see UBB)
  • Evaluate the accuracy of digital gyroscope and accelerometer components
  • Consider applications of orientation and positioning data
  • Refresh mostly dormant vector mathematics knowledge

[edit] Progress

The MinIMU-9, with the supplied male headers attached, can be conveniently connected to female headers soldered to the Sparkfun microSD Sniffer: as is the case with the 8:10 pin ordering, the VIN and GND pins are adjacent on the MinIMU-9, and thus the connection can be built around them without the need for jumper wires. The board is quite able to function on power supplied by the Ben.

Communication with the board is done using the I2C protocol which requires only two additional wires from the 8:10 port. Although Linux kernel support could probably be employed to conduct I2C communication using the GPIO lines associated with the 8:10 interface, a user space implementation is currently being used, with threading involved to reduce latency between measurements.

A repository is available containing code to allow the Ben to communicate with the IMU, and some results are shown below.

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