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Ben PCF8833 is an experiment with the Ben NanoNote and a "Nokia 6100" display provided by the Color LCD & Joystick Shield from Nuelectronics. Since the shield requires 5V logic but the Ben works with 3.3V, some level shifters are required for this to work.

The PCF8833 display controller, particularly when used with a "Nokia" display, was documented by James P. Lynch in his Nokia 6100 LCD Display Driver tutorial. It appears that most subsequent efforts have drawn from this work, and thanks are therefore due to the author for his generosity in sharing his findings.

[edit] Goals

  • Experiment with SPI communication using the 8:10 port (see UBB)
  • Re-use an Arduino shield that wasn't seeing any action
  • Prototype code that may one day be ported back to the Arduino
  • Evaluate level shifters for interfacing needs

[edit] Progress

A repository is available containing code to allow the Ben to communicate with the display, and some results are shown below.

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