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Get your Ben NanoNote here.

This page keeps track of the road to manufacturing the Ben NanoNote.


[edit] Sales & Marketing

Item Description Status
Shop email Configure SMTP settings in shop done
Shop shipping Enter shipping prices done
Shop taxes Remove taxes done
Shop credit cards Test credit card again done
Customer address Address not displayed on new account needs testing
Sales press release Press release about start of sales etc. in progress
Distributors Contact potential distributors etc. in progress

[edit] Hardware

Item Material Planned due date Status
Top cover PC, black, silk print (本NanoNote) Signed off
Middle protect cover (behind LCD) ABS+PC, black Signed off
Upper cover (around LCD) ABS, black Signed off
Lower cover (around keyboard) ABS, black Signed off
Back cover ABS, black+spray paint Signed off
Battery cover ABS, black+spray paint Signed off
Decorate heads (on the sides of the hinge) ABS, black Signed off
Cover hook ABS, silver Signed off
Bezel AL, glue 11-583, print Signed off
Speaker & Mic cover AL, black, glue 11-583, print Signed off
Keyboard Background black Signed off
USB cover DE10000, black Signed off
PC Sheet (LCD cover) PC light, scratch resistance Signed off
Mylar on back cover Silver background, black print Signed off
Mylar underneath the battery Silver background, black print Signed off
Box Black background, Pantone Cool Gray 3 print Signed off
Manual (Paper) covers 200g double side coated paper, 157g double side coated paper Dec. 9 Signed off
Manual (contents) Texts Done

[edit] Software

Item Description Status
Kernel Stability in progress
Power daemon Power button daemon in progress
Vido Small, gtkmm based zim file viewer in progress
gmenu2x Application launcher (C++ + SDL) in progress
libgtkhtml Light-weight HTML engine (GTK+ widget) in progress
evince GTK+ document viewer in progress
Reflash station Factory reflash mechanism done with simple solution. more work needed
Test image Test run software not started

[edit] Logistics

Item Description Status
Get shipping prices Integrate into shop done
First batch To Shanghai delivered 19 devices
Second batch To Hong Kong Logistics Center delivered 972 devices
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