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Schau dazu bitte auf NanoNote_Software_Projects.

Diese Seite listet alle Programme auf die in letzte OpenWRT Distribution Image verfügbar sind. Das aktuelle Image ist die Version 2011-05-28. To reflash the latest version, please follow the reflashing steps. Changelog lists all the changes, that were made, since last version.

Viele Programme sind im derzeitigen Release noch im Alpha Stadium, wir sind bemüht diese zu verbessern. Überprüfe von Zeit zu Zeit hier official software image page ob die von dir gewünschten Funktionen hinzu kamen. Verfolge die Liste der Entwickler und Anwender discussion list, sende uns deine Applikationswünsche zu, stell Fragen oder gib Feedback.


[edit] Launcher

GMenu2X on Ben NanoNote

[edit] Gmenu2x

After you turn on Ben NanoNote, you will be brought to the GMenu2X 'terminals' section. There are currently 4 sections. They are terminals, applications, games, and settings.

GMenu2X Controls on Ben:

  • tab: Switch between sections.
  • 4-way navigation key: Switch between programs/links in the selected section.
  • enter: Launch selected program/link.
  • F2: Bring up the contextual menu.
  • s: Launch GMenu2X Settings program/link.
  • alt+ctrl+F2: Switch from GMenu2X to console.
  • alt+ctrl+F5: Switch from console to GMenu2X.

[edit] Disable Gmenu2x autostart

[edit] Programs/Links

[edit] Accessible from launcher

[edit] applications

[edit] Abook-icon.png Abook

Description: A text-based address book.
Basic Controls:

  • ?: Help.
  • a: Add an entry.
  • q: Exit program.

[edit] Aewan-icon.png Aewan

Description: Ascii art editor.
Basic Controls:

[edit] Ase-icon.png Allegro Sprite Editor

Description: ASE Allegro Sprite Editor - create animated sprites and pixel art
Basic Controls:

  • We patch ASE to emulate a mouse via the keyboard
    • arrow keys: move mouse
    • [F1] [F2] [F3]: left, middle, right click
    • [shift]+Arrow: actual arrow key (i.e. arrow keys without shift are consumed by the mouse)
  • Some keyboard commands are now inaccessible and have been remapped:
    • [,] [.]: previous/next frame
    • [\] [/]: previous/next layer
  • keys can be configured by editing /usr/share/ase/gui.xml (the mouse emulation is hardcoded, though)
  • this is work in progress, please tell us about key map problems and improvements!
  • ASE is surprisingly powerful, please see the official keyboard reference for the full list of shortcuts.

[edit] Bc.png bc

Description: An arbitrary precision calculator.
Basic Controls:

  • ctrl+c: Exit program.

Basic Commands:

  • quit: Exit program.

[edit] Date.png Calcurse

Description: A text-based calendar and scheduling program.
Basic Controls:

  • ?: Help.
  • q: Exit program.

For how to use, please see the user's manual.

[edit] Irc.png CenterIM

Description: A text mode menu- and window-driven IM interface.
Basic Controls:

[edit] Ctronome-icon.png ctronome

Description: A console based metronome software.
Credits: Balazs Lengyak
Basic Controls:

  • ctrl+C: Exit program.

[edit] Dgclock-icon.png dgClock

Description: A SDL based time and date calendar.
Basic Controls:

  • esc: Exit program.

[edit] Browser.png ELinks

Description: A text based web browser.
Basic Controls:

  • q: Exit program.

[edit] Emacs-icon.png Emacs

Description: GNU Emacs editor
Credits: Dvdkhlng

  • Ctrl-x Ctrl-c: exit Emacs
  • Ctrl-x Ctrl-f: open file
  • <Esc> x: Execute command
  • <Ecs> x toggle-word-wrap: Wrap long lines at word boundaries
  • <Ecs> x visual-line-mode: Navigate by (wrapped) screen lines, not file lines
  • <Esc> x dunnet: Start built-in text-adventure
  • <Esc> x shell: Start a shell
  • <Esc> x term: Start shell in an emulated color-terminal
  • <Esc> x rcirc: Start Emacs' built in IRC client

[edit] Explorer-icon.png Explorer

Basic Controls:

  • esc: Exit program.

[edit] Gmu-icon.png Gmu

Description: A music player.
Credits: Johannes Heimansberg (wejp)
Controls: F1 key will take you to the help file. However currently the key mapping listed in the file don't match Ben NanoNote key mapping in reality. The correct key mapping for Ben NanoNote can be found in /usr/share/gmu/README.txt. Also you can use in-program tip, bottom bar, for help, and of course the controls listed below.

  • Global:
    • m: Skip to next track in playlist/Start playback.
    • n: Skip to previous track in playlist.
    • alt+m: Seek 10 seconds forward (doesn't work with all file formats).
    • alt+n: Seek 10 seconds backward (doesn't work with all file formats).
    • p: Pause/resume playback.
    • alt+x: Stop playback.
    • alt+q: Exit player (doesn't work in file browser view).
    • tab: Toggle file browser/playlist view/track info.
    • Volume Up/Dn: Increase/lower volume.
    • alt+a: Program info.
    • t: Toggle time elapsed/remaining.
    • F1: Help.
  • File browser:
    • a: Play file without adding it to the playlist.
    • enter: Add selected file to the playlist/Change directory.
    • y: Add selected directory and all sub directories.
    • alt+enter: Insert selected file after selected playlist item.
  • Playlist:
    • r: Change play mode (continue, repeat all, repeat track, random, random+repeat).
    • enter: Play selected track.
    • y: Remove selected track.
    • alt+y: Clear playlist.
    • q: Enqueue selected item.
    • s: Save playlist.
  • Track info viewer:
    • a: Show/hide cover artwork.
    • b: Show/hide text.

[edit] Gnuplot-icon.png Gnuplot

Description: A formula and data plotter.
Credits: Dvdkhlng

  • Type plot sin(x) to plot the sine function.
  • Type exit to leave Gnuplot.
  • Type help for more help.

[edit] Gtkguitune

Description: Guitune is a linux program for tuning guitars and other instruments by using the method of Schmitt-triggering.
Credits: xiangfu

[edit] Editor-icon.png JOE

Description: Joe's own editor.

[edit] Links-logo.png links

Description: A text/gui web browser.
Basic Controls:

  • Esc: menu.
  • q: Exit program.
  • g: Goto URL.

[edit] Earth-icon.png Lynx

Description: A text web browser.

[edit] Mathomatic-icon.png Mathomatic

Description: A portable, command-line computer algebra system.

  • help: program help.
  • quit: exit program.
  • press ctrl+c 3 times: exit program.

To use, check out command reference and user's manual

[edit] Mcabber-icon.png mcabber

Description: A simple Jabber (XMPP) console client.
Controls: You can find key binding at manual page.

  • /help: List all available commands.
  • /quit: Exit program.

More Usage: You can find more information in user's guide.

[edit] Mutt-icon.png Mutt

Description: A text-based email client.

  • q: Exit program.

More Usage: You can find more information in Mutt Documentation.

[edit] Nanomap-icon.png NanoMap

Description: Qt-based map viewer (maps are from OpenStreetMap). This software is in its alpha stage, a lot of features may not function correctly. We currently have only one city (Berlin) map in NanoMap-maps package, but new tiles are downloaded automatically while you zoom in, out and pan. The zoom in level can get to 15. You are not yet able to enter a street name and go to the location, or get the route from start location to end location.
Credits: Niels Kummerfeldt

  • h: Show/Hide help file.
  • esc or q: Exit program.
  • 4-way navigation key: Move around in the map.
  • i: Zoom in.
  • o: Zoom out.
  • m: Add a marker.
  • alt+m: Hide markers.
  • tab: Show/Hide marker list.
  • s: Mark start location.
  • e: Mark end location.
  • u: Show/Hide user interface and notations.
  • d: Download tiles for visible area.
  • r: Go to route/direction page (But in the page you cannot do much (can you in latest version??). To exit the route/direction page, press alt+s.)
  • l: show layers selection menu

[edit] Nightsky-icon.png Nightsky

Description: A basic rendering of the stars in the sky.

  • F1: Show/Hide Help.
  • vol up: Zoom in.
  • vol down: Zoom out.
  • 4-way navigation key: Pan view.
  • space: Toggle fine panning.
  • c: Toggle constellations.
  • tab: Toggle cursor.
  • esc: Exit program.

cp /usr/share/nightsky/example-nightsky.yml /root/.nightsky.yml

..and update the latitude and longitude of your location otherwise the display will look nothing like the night sky from your location.

[edit] Octave-icon.png GNU Octave

Description: Numerical computation and plotting
Credits: Dvdkhlng

  • Type "exit" to quit
  • Type "toggle_plplot_use" to switch between Gnuplot and Plplot plotting backends. Currently plplot is used by default (need to press Ctrl+C on first plot to make it work, though). Gnuplot works well when plotting to files, but has problems sharing the console with Octave.

[edit] Bc.png qc

Description: quickcalc -a basic and simple console calculator.

  • help: Help menu.
  • quit or exit: Exit from Help menu or exit program.
  • set unit r: set angle unit to degrees ("d") or radians ("r").

[edit] Sc-icon.png sc

Description: A classic unix speadsheet calculator, which works in a character terminal.

  • ?: Help menu.
  • =1234: enter number (1234) or equation in cell (finish with <Enter>).
  • =@sum(a15:a22): use a function (sumation in this example) on the cells A15...A22.
  • <text: enter string ("text") aligned to left (finish with <Enter>).
  • >text: enter string ("text") aligned to right (finish with <Enter>).
  • ma: copy cell content and mark it as "a" (can be "a", "b".."z")
  • pc: paste cell content marked as "a"
  • P: save spreadsheet (<Shift>+p).
  • q: Exit from Help menu or exit program.</br>

Run command "sc /usr/share/" for a tutorial.

[edit] Qstardict-icon.png QStarDict

Description:Qt clone of stardict.
Use flite to speak words: set "flite -t %s play" in qstardict options.

[edit] Leaf red.png Snownews

Description: A text mode RSS/RDF newsreader.

  • h: Show help window.
  • q: Exit from Help menu or exit the program.

[edit] Stardict-icon.png StarDict

Description: Port of Gtk+-based StarDict dictionary viewer. Currently we have English->Chinese and English->English dictionaries.

  • Evgeniy <>
  • Opera Wang <>
  • Ma Su'an <>


  • ctrl+q: Exit program.
  • tab: Move cursor/focus between input entry field and display view.
  • esc: Clear input entry's text.

[edit] Vim-icon.png vim

Description: An enhanced vi editor.

[edit] Earth-icon.png w3m

Description: A text-based web browser with inline images capability.
Please refer to the user's manual for the usage.

[edit] zgv

Description: An image-file browser and viewer
Credits: Dvdkhlng

  • Browser
    • Enter: view selected image at full screen
    • z: Switch between thumbnail view and file list view
    • Space: Mark/unmark selected image
    • Tab: Show slide-show over the marked images
    • Shift+L: Toggle slide show looping
    • D: Delete selected images
  • Viewer
    • Esc: go back to image browser
    • z: shrink image to screen size
    • n: show image at native size (use arrow keys to move view-port)
    • s, Shift+S: zoom in/out of the image (can only increase, not decrease size)
    • i: toggle interpolation while zooming
    • r: rotate image in 90-degree steps
    • m, f: mirror horizontally/vertically
    • Ctrl-p, Ctrl-n: go to next/previous image
    • Enter: go to next image (quietly, without progress indicator)
    • '<', '>': adjust brightness
    • ',', '.': adjust contrast
    • ';': reset contrast/brightness settings
  • During Slideshow
    • Ctrl+S, Ctrl+Q: pause/resume slideshow

[edit] games

[edit] Allegro.png Alex4

Description: Alex the Allegator 4, a jump'n'run game featuring gameboy-style graphics
Basic Controls: Use Arrow-keys to move around, Alt to jump, and Shift to fire.

[edit] Allegro.png Allegro Demo

Description: Allegro Game and Multimedia Library Demo Program
Note: program is installed as /usr/bin/shooter. Only plays the synthesized MIDI background music, if package liballegro-digmid is installed.
Basic Controls:

[edit] Backgammon-icon.png Backgammon

Description: One of the oldest board games for two players.

[edit] Brainless-icon.png Brainless

Description: A chess-playing game with a command-driven interface and unicoded textmode graphics. Completely written in Forth, if you want to view or modify the source code, point your text-editor to /usr/share/brainless/
Credits: Dvdkhlng

  • Type e2 e4 m to make the move e2-e4.
  • Type undo to revert the last move.
  • Type cm to let the computer move.
  • Type look to show the board.
  • Type bye to exit.
  • Type help for more help.

[edit] Freedroid-icon.png Freedroid

Description:A free clone of the C64-classic "Paradroid", written in SDL.

  • Tab: Fire

[edit] Gottet-icon.png gottet

Description:Gottet is a tetris clone, written in Qt.

[edit] Qball-icon.png qball

Description:A simple breakout style game, written in Qt.

[edit] Gforth-icon.png Sokoban

Description:An ASCII-graphics implementation of the classic Sokoban puzzeling game. This Forth script is part of the example files that come with Gforth. You are free to view and modify the source code located under /usr/share/gforth/*/sokoban.fs.

  • q: Exit

[edit] Supertux-icon.png Supertux

Description:classic 2D jump'n run sidescroller game in a style similar to the original Super Mario games.

  • esc: bring up menu.

[edit] Tetris-icon.png Tetris

Description: An old Russian puzzle game.

  • k: Rotate.
  • a: Move left.
  • s: Move right.
  • <space>: Drop.
  • p: Pause.
  • q: Quit.

[edit] Tile-icon.png Tile

Description:15 Puzzle game, written in Qt.

[edit] Worm-icon.png Worm

Description: The growing worm game.

  • 4-way navigation key: Move up, down, right, and left.
  • ctrl+c: Quit program.

[edit] programming

  • gforth
  • guile
  • lua
  • GNU Octave
  • python
  • TCL
  • perl
  • ruby
  • native GCC

[edit] settings

[edit] Configure-icon.png Gmenu2x
Settings gmenu2x.png
  • Description: Configuration for GMenu2X's options.
  • Controls:
    • 4-way navigation key up, down: Switch between options.
    • 4-way navigation key left, right: Switch between items or increase/decrease value of the selected option, which has multiple choices.
    • enter: Switch between ON and OFF of the selected option, which has ON and OFF choices.
    • s: Exit program.

[edit] Skin-icon.png Skin
Settings skin.png
  • Description: Set skin and other display attributes of GMenu2X. Currently there's only one skin to choose from.
  • Controls:
    • 4-way navigation key up, down: Switch between skin color options.
    • 4-way navigation key left, right: Switch between color components of selected skin color option.
    • x: Increase value.
    • y: Decrease value.
    • s: Exit program.
  • Add new skins:

[edit] Wallpaper-icon.png Wallpaper
Settings wallpaper.png
  • Description: Set GMenu2X wallpaper.
  • Controls:
    • 4-way navigation key up, down: Switch between wallpapers.
    • enter: Set the current wallpaper to selected wallpaper, and Exit program.
    • x: Exit program without changing wallpaper.
  • Add new wallpapers:

[edit] About-icon.png About
Settings about.png
  • Description: Information about GMenu2X.
  • Controls:
    • 4-way navigation key up, down: Scroll up and down in About text window.
    • x: Exit program.

[edit] terminals

  • ash
  • bash
  • Byobu
    : Byobu is a Japanese term for decorative, multi-panel screens that serve as folding room dividers. As an open source project, Byobu is an elegant enhancement of GNU Screen. Byobu includes an enhanced profile and configuration utilities for the GNU screen window manager, such as toggle-able system status notifications.
    NOTE: In 2011-02-16 image, Byobu launches with an error "byobu/var/run/utmp: No such file or directory".

      - exit: Exit program.

      - exit: Exit program.

  • screen: A terminal multiplexer.

To go into different shell, select it then press 'enter' key. Once you are in console, you can get back to GMenu2X by typing in 'exit' command or pressing 'alt+ctrl+F5'. While you are in GMenu2X, you can also press 'alt+ctrl+F2' to go to concole. This will take you to ash terminal. To get back to GMenu2X from there, 'exit' command will not work, only 'alt+ctrl+F5' will do the work.

[edit] utilities

[edit] Alsamixer-icon.png Alsamixer

Description: A curses-based mixer program.
Basic Controls:

  • esc: Exit program.

[edit] Htop-icon.png htop

Description: An interactive process viewer.
Credits: Hisham Muhammad

  • F1: Toggle between Help view and Processes view.
  • q: Exit program.

[edit] Folder-icon.png MC

Description: GNU Midnight Commander - A visual file manager.

  • ctrl+c: Exit program.
  • ESC 9: Alternative shortcut for F9 to access the menu. (F9/F10 is missing on the nanonote keyboard).
  • ESC 0: Alternative shortcut for F10 to exit mc.

[edit] Powertop-icon.png PowerTOP

Description: A utility designed to measure, explain and minimize a computer's electrical power consumption.

  • q: Exit program.

[edit] Accessible from console

All programs that can be accessed from GMenu2X can also be accessed from terminal. Therefore, they will not be listed below.

Name Description Screenshot
GraphicsMagick-jpeg GraphicsMagick (jpeg)
NanoMap-maps Qt4-based map viewer (Sample Maps)
alsa-lib ALSA (Advanced Linux Sound Architecture) library
alsa-utils ALSA (Advanced Linux Sound Architecture) utilities
at Delayed job execution and batch processing
atk Accesibility library for gtk+ apps
bc Arbitrary precision calculator language
bzip2 bzip2 is a compression utility.
cairo Multi-platform 2D graphics library
cairomm Multi-platform 2D graphics library
catdoc Catdoc
climm Climm
ctronome console metronome software
curl A client-side URL transfer utility
cxxtools, dbus-launch-x dbus launch utility with x support
dbus Simple interprocess messaging system (daemon)
dialog Dialog
diffutils diffutils
directfb DirectFB
disktype Disk format detection
dosfsck dosfsck
dosfslabel dosfslabel
erlang Erlang/OTP programming language
fbgrab framebuffer screenshot program
fbgs A wrapper script for viewing ps/pdf files on the framebuffer console using fbi.
fbi This is a image viewer for the linux framebuffer console.
fbsize fbsize shows current terminal size
fetchmail Remote mail retriever
file utility
fontconfig fontconfig
frotz frotz
gawk GAWK
gc gc
gpgme GnuPG Made Easy
gsm-utils GSM transcoding utilities
gtk2 GTK+-2.0
gtkhtml gtkhtml
gtkmm GTK+-2.0
gtkperf gtkperf
hicolor-icon-theme icon theme default layout
hnb hnb
i2c-tools I2C tools for Linux
imgv SDL-based image viewer
io Raw memory i/o utility
jamvm A compact Java Virtual Machine
jbig2dec decoder implementation of the JBIG2 image compression format
jbofihe Lojban Language Parser
jfbterm J framebuffer terminal / Multilingual Enhancement
joe JOE - Joes own editor
jpeg-tools The Independent JPEG Group's JPEG manipulation tools
kbd Keyboard and console utilities for Linux
kbd-console-fonts Console fonts for Linux
kbd-console-maps Console maps for Linux
kinyin Chinese Notepad
libxml2 Gnome XML library
lsof LiSt Open Files - a diagnostic tool
nlove LÖVE
macchanger utility for viewing/manipulating the MAC address
makfa Lojban Dictionary
mathomatic Small computer algebra system.
minicom Terminal emulation program
mkdosfs mkdosfs
moc Music On Console
mpc Music Player Daemon Console Client
mpfr mpfr
MPlayer The MPlayer video player (hardware-accelerated!) Mplayer-bbb2.png
msmtp-nossl Simple sendmail SMTP forwarding (without SSL support)
mtd-utils Utilities for flash info/debug
mupdf-tools Command-line PDF tools
nano An enhanced clone of the Pico text editor
nanonote-example-files nanonote-example-files
ncmpc ncmpc
ne the nice editor
netcat A feature-rich network debugging and exploration tool.
nethack single player dungeon exploration game
netsurf netsurf
nfs-utils updated mount utility (includes nfs4)
nlove LÖVE
nupdf relatively fast pdf reader in SDL
o3read O3read
objdump objdump
odt2txt odt2txt
openjpeg open-source JPEG 2000 codec written in C language.
openvpn Open source VPN solution using SSL
orbit2 ORBit2
pango Text layout and rendering library
pem Personal Expenses Manager usage instructions
perl The Perl intepreter
php5-cli PHP5 Hypertext preprocessor (CLI)
php5 PHP5 Hypertext preprocessor
picoc PicoC
pixman pixman
poke Read or write any CPU register
powertop PowerTOP
primes A console-based application from bsd-games to generate a list of prime numbers.
pwgen Automatic Password generator
pygame pygame
python Python programming language (full)
qstardict Qt clone of stardict
qt4-dbus qt4 (dbus)
qt4-demos qt4 (demos)
qt4-drivers-gfx-directfb qt4 gfxdrivers directfb
qt4-drivers-gfx-linuxfb qt4 gfxdrivers linuxfb
qt4-drivers-kbd-linuxinput qt4 kbddrivers linuxinput
qt4-drivers-mouse-pcmousedriver qt4 mousedrivers pcmousedriver
qt4-drivers-mouse-tpmousedriver qt4 mousedrivers tpmousedriver
qt4-drivers-mouse-tslibmousedriver qt4 mousedrivers tslibmousedriver
qt4-examples qt4 (examples)
qt4-gui qt4 (gui)
qt4-mysql qt4 (mysql)
qt4-network qt4 (network)
qt4-sqlite qt4 (sqlite)
qt4-svg qt4 (svg)
qt4-xml qt4 (xml)
qt4 qt4
remind Reminder
rsync Fast remote file copy program (like rcp)
ruby Ruby scripting language (interpreter)
sdcv sdcv
sed GNU streams editor
sox Sox is a general purpose sound converter/player/recorder
sshfs SSHFS
stardict-dic-en-cn International Dictionary Software (dictionary: oxfordjm English <-> Chinses)
stardict-dic-en-en International Dictionary Software (dictionary: English <-> English)
strace System call tracer
surfraw command line interface to WWW search engines
sysfsutils System Utilities Based on Sysfs
tangogps Mapping application
tcl TCL Lang
tcpdump Network monitoring and data acquisition tool
tetris the game of tetris
tmux Terminal multiplexer
tntnet tntnet
triggersad handle input events and run configured programs
vim-full Vi IMproved - enhanced vi editor (Normal)
wget Non-interactive network downloader (with SSL support)
wqy-microhei WenQuanYi-chinese-font-ttc
wtime WTime time tracker
xz xz utils
zip Archiver for .zip files

[edit] Libs

Name Description
lftp lftp
libIDL2 IDL Compiling Library
libSM libSM
libnsfb LibNSFB is a framebuffer abstraction library, written in C
libcurl A client-side URL transfer library
libdbus Simple interprocess messaging system (library)
libdbus-glib D-Bus Glib bindings
libelf ELF object file access library
libevent Event notification library
libexpat An XML parsing library
libflac Free Lossless Audio Codec library
libfreetype A free, high-quality and portable font engine
libgconf2 GConf2 library
libglade libglade
libggi General Graphics Interface Library
libgmp GNU multiprecision arithmetic library
libgnutls-extra GNU TLS (extra library)
libgnutls GNU TLS (library)
libgsm GSM transcoding library
libhubbub Hubbub is an HTML5 compliant parsing library
libiconv Character set conversion library
libid3tag An ID3 tag manipulation library
libintl GNU Internationalization library
libjpeg The Independent JPEG Group's JPEG runtime library
liblzo A real-time data compression library
libmikmod Mikmod sound library
libmpcdec Musepack decoder library
libmysqlclient MySQL client library
libncursesw Terminal handling library (Unicode)
libnsfb LibNSFB is a framebuffer abstraction library, written in C
libogg libogg
libparserutils LibParserUtils has some built-in charset converters
libpcre A Perl Compatible Regular Expression library
libphysfs PhysicsFS
libpng A PNG format files handling library
libpthread-stubs libpthread-stubs
libruby Ruby scripting language (shared library)
libsdl-gfx Simple DirectMedia Layer Gfx
libsdl-image Simple DirectMedia Layer Image
libsdl-mixer Simple DirectMedia Layer Sound Mixer
libsdl-ttf Simple DirectMedia Layer True Font
libsdl Simple DirectMedia Layer
libsigcxx typesafe callback system for standard C++
libsqlite3 SQLite (v3.x) database engine (library)
libsysfs Sysfs library
libtiff TIFF library
libvorbisidec A fixed-point Ogg/Vorbis decoder library
libwapcaplet Libwapcaplet is a string internment library, written in C
libwrap Security wrapper library for TCP services
libxfce4util libxfce4util
libxfconf libxfconf
svgalib The Linux SVGA Library; Ported to use the Linux framebuffer device
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