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XiAn University of Technology
main entrance 34.25340,108.98819
EE building 34.25490,108.99062

works on new beitou only gps receiver chip
hasnt heard about highvision
Fuji in Shanghai is offering IC design services
 classmate of his working there
verilog to gdsII to foundry
maybe infrared ic is the simplest
most work is digital ic, some analog uwb work but cancelled

send verilog
1 month later can return gdsii
  5 people needed,
  20% design, 80% verification
  80-100k RMB
  price for more complex chip almost the same, suggests 
foundry needs 60-90 days
 50 samples cost 80-100k rmb
   mostly for film
   can be reused for producing 2-3k chips
   suggests to not go to full wafer film right away
 then 200-300k rmb for whole wafer film

suggested wuxi company
one wafer 200-300k rmb
mpw share
2000nm process
up to 5k gate use 1000nm
10k-50k gate use 350nm
above 50k gate use 180nm

for 500nm process
costs 10-20k rmb for 50 samples in mpw
for 350nm more service is included

guess for 4720 is 500k to 1m gates
1 6inch wafer costs 1000rmb

package into qfp for 100rmb/sample 
90% of wafer can be used

for a 4x4mm die 700-1000 fit on one 6inch wafer

film can be used for several years

500nm mask for 10-20k rmb is slower, 3 months
need to design all gates, then can take to other foundries as well, no copyright problem
foundry only provides layout design rules, then we need to design all gates

in this case we can publish the gate cells
the layout of every gate can be copyrighted

we need to construct the basic gate cells ourselves

4 independent small foundries in china
  hua hung, he jian

run verilog in mentorgraphics modelsim, mentorgraphics
cadence ncverilog
design compiler synopsis 
encounter autorouter/autolayout (cadence) creates gdsii file
verification: pt/synopsis
post simulator modelsim
mentorgraphics calibre for optical verification
basic gate cell design: cadence visual layout, will create library for encounter

Q: How big is the team?
A: 30-40 profs/teachers/workers, 20-30 grad students

How safe is it to buy used chips, like FPGAs or NAND. I see them a lot in Shenzhen. How can a used chip be tested?

use jtag to test used chips like fpgas. he likes to use 2nd hand chips
test cost for die or bga are high
2nd hand may only cost 30% of new one
must use jtag to test every pin, uses perl script
static electricity will only damage i/o pins

dc compiles into verilog gatelist
design for test - dft
  • meeting with Chitlesh Goorah from Free Electronic Lab, January 8, 2011
tcl scripting in synopsis, cadence, mentorgraphics is industry standard, free tools should support it too
free tools don't support standard industry file formats well, for example (all text based):
 liberty - timing, see
 lef (supported by magic) - metallization representation in silicon (cadence)
 ict - interconnect parasitics (cadence)
 spef - parasitics
 captable - capacitance, resistance per wire length

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