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Our goal is to make a development system so that its easy for the most number of people to develop applications for our platform. The words HTML5, APP, and WEB, are used broadly as stand-ins for the concept of getting the most people to help build portable apps.

We need a solution for a clear simple system for running HTML5 apps using some type of technology. The goal is to make it easy for many people to make applications and also to be able to run portable ones.

The current idea is to use some simple low resource browser like netsurf, a simple test-suite, and some customizations to make applications on our Ben Nanonote, as the test platform.

[edit] TODO

  • Get Netsurf browser working on openwrt and into their package management system
  • Build a test suite to identify the components necessary for HTML5 support
  • Build necessary elements to make it simple to integrate netsurf and HTML5 into current Ben Nanonote user interface
  • Promote and get more developers helping on this process

[edit] Questions

  • What does this system look like on embedded systems without screens?
  • Is this overbloated system for getting applications?
  • Will this help get more developers onto our platform?
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