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[edit] 3D Scanning

One thing missing to have a fully coplyleft hardware is a copyleft case designs. One of the first steps to achieve this is get a 3D model of the ben nanonote case, and then build upon that base editable model in cad sofware like Heekscad

So far i found here in Colombia a enterprise called i3D (i3D.com.co),

They ask me some questions and give me some requirements to get a costs of the process and i answer as follow:

Conditions to scan the stuff:

1. The stuff is give in separate parts or will be scanned in just one piece?

 Separate parts

2. How many parts is made the case of the device.?


3. How many pieces you expect be given after the scan process?


4. Are you providing the parts assembled or disassembled?


5. Is required to paint the surface of the parts with a clear color is this posible?


6. Now to get a cuote i need pictures of every piece by separate

[edit] Expectations

I was looking at i3D webpage, and i have doubts about how acurate is its deviveces for scanning small models, but they diserve a try

I'm not hoping get 3D printable moldes from the scanning, but at least STL files from wich later will be posible desing over it, or get points to build a new one case.

[edit] Why?

The case is what you fit in your hands, why not to try first make one prototype your self using this FLOSS 3D printers out there, any why not have a editable model that could be usefull to get custom/forks of the case you dream off ;)

[edit] Prices

Almost 220usd per part and a total of 1500usd for everything (madness !), so for i move to a desing this your self alternative

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