#milkymist IRC log for Thursday, 2013-12-05

--- Thu Dec 5 201300:00
GitHub79[milkymist-mmu] fallen pushed 1 new commit to asid: http://git.io/DPi2hQ11:52
GitHub79milkymist-mmu/asid 156624f Yann Sionneau: Add a few comments to improve readability a bit11:52
lekernelwho's going to 30C3?16:01
larscat least for a day or two16:01
ysionneaunot me16:03
mamilarsc, do you want to join a workshop on open hardware?16:17
mamiwe are organizing some sessions to save the internet ;)16:17
ysionneauI think OpenRISC has a room at 30C3 or something like that16:18
ysionneaucould be interesting to join them as well16:18
mamioh cool16:18
mamiare they related to OpenSparc?16:18
mamiah, i see theyre not16:18
ysionneauI cannot find any reference to their room, maybe I'm wrong16:21
mamido you have a contact?16:24
ysionneauyou can ask at the openrisc mailing list16:26
mamiwill do so16:26
ysionneauor email jeremy benett: jeremy.bennett@embecosm.com16:26
ysionneauor ask juliusb_ who is here but not sure if he looks at his terminal right now :)16:26
lekernelbtw the mixxeo boards were accidentally all shipped to me, and to a wrong address - so there will be some additional delays...16:35
wpwrakysionneau: amazing low low interest in your mm1 production run. where did all the people go who wanted one ?23:10
--- Fri Dec 6 201300:00

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