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larscthe downside of this method for the fifo counter is that there is quite a bit of combinatorial dealy for the gray counter output00:26
larscit's still the bottleneck in my design00:27
larscif you do the comparison in binary you can pipeline the conversion to gray00:29
ysionneauoh, I didn't know you could make an (sigma delta) ADC in a FPGA by using LVDS IO ports09:47
larscbecause you can use the lvds input as a comperator?10:00
ysionneauyes I guess10:02
ysionneausounds logical since differential IOs are basically comparing the two lines10:03
larscfound something from lattice http://www.latticesemi.com/~/media/Documents/ReferenceDesigns/SimpleSigmaDeltaADCDocumentation.PDF10:04
ysionneaupretty cool10:06
ysionneauthere is an I¬¬¬ paper as well about that10:07
ysionneaubut you need to pay like $$$3010:08
larscyea, saw that as well10:10
lekernelysionneau, if you want to read I¬¬¬ papers, I have free access11:24
ysionneaulekernel: ah cool, if you can grab this one http://goo.gl/i2UIoM please :)11:25
ysionneauhum, writting {A,B,C,D} in fpga RAM and reading back into {B,A,C,D} is not a fantastic idea :)15:02
ysionneaunow lm32 unittests pass again15:02
ysionneauvery useful those unit tests that mwalle did for the mmu :)15:03
ysionneauand very well written15:03
aerismedium indianess15:48
ysionneauweird indianness :p15:49
wpwrakmilitary-grade encryption. (enigma)15:49
ysionneauso well encrypter it could not boot anything, not even unit tests :p15:49
lekernelxilinx does something like that for their PLL control data16:22
lekernelno idea why16:22
lekernelbut bits forming e.g. the multiplier and divider values are spread all over the place16:23
Action: kristianpaul likes mojo16:44
wpwrak(test results) sounds like a great victory. useful for my monthly statistics :) how many boards were made in this run ?18:29
wpwrakso the next run will be the big one ?18:40
lekernelhmm, maybe18:45
lekernelthe designers insisted I move the micro-USB connector, though that should be relatively risk-free18:46
wpwrakdo creotech also do the SMT ? or are they just taking care of testing and maybe logistics ?18:49
wpwrak("do the SMT") as in "have a line"18:49
lekernelyes, they do the SMT18:50
wpwrakgreat. it's nice to have the ability to check PCBs right at the end of the line.18:55
wpwrakthe only drawback i see is that they're really hard to reach, in case you have to visit them ;-)19:52
larscNow I'm getting timing errors on my reset signals...20:09
wpwrakthat's what you get for playing god and messing with the fundamental constants of the universe21:00
larscno, thats what I get for using the reset signal from the wrong clock domain...21:01
larscbut my dma controller is finally able to run at 295 Mhz on the datapath21:01
lekernelwpwrak, about 6 hours of train to Warsaw + a not-that-expensive cab ride to Piaseczno... it's not that bad22:58
lekernelChina would be worse :)22:58
wpwrakoh, i had found some company with that/a similar name in lodygowice, which would be really remote. didn't look very high-tech either, though apparently doing some engineering. can't find it anymore :-(23:17
wpwraklet's repeat this when he's back ..23:19
davidc__wpwrak: its probably creotech.pl . They build stuff for cern, so probably a reputable mfg23:24
wpwrakyes, they look right. the other one looked more like two guys (at most) and a soldering iron. if they're actually in electronic :)23:27
wpwrakcan't figure out what sort of url i used23:27
wpwrakhah, found it ! :) http://coretech.pl/23:33
wpwrakthat's what i get for not using copy & paste23:33
wpwrakand thanks, google chromium for watching (and recording) every step i take ;-)23:33
wpwrakso yes, they look like as if they'd do electronics. but not quite like the sort of guys who have an SMT line in the backyard.23:34
ysionneaucreotech .. coretech ... it's almost just a typo between one and the other23:44
wpwraki guess either gets the occasional strange mail :)23:46
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