#milkymist IRC log for Monday, 2013-11-25

lekernelverilog lets you divide strings by integers10:37
lekernelthe result being some large integer, maybe the ascii representation of the string divided by that integer you gave10:38
lekernelyeah, it's that :)10:38
ysionneausounds like php =)10:41
larscas somebody who is dyslexic one of the most annoying 'features' of verilog is that you can use a wire without having to declare it10:44
lekernelI also like how lm32 defines "parameter eba_reset = `CFG_EBA_RESET" and then alternatively uses eba_reset and `CFG_EBA_RESET in the rest of the code10:44
lekernelah, yes, that too... I think everyone has spent hours debugging something that came from that10:45
larscI wish there was something like -pedantic for iverilog10:46
ysionneauah yes, implicit wire declaration .... omg10:49
lekernelseems you'd stil need a $5k verilog linter these days...10:49
lekernelcreotech have started testing their mixxeo boards :)20:34
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