#milkymist IRC log for Sunday, 2013-11-24

lekernelis there any use case for lm32's CFG_ALTERNATE_EBA feature?14:45
ysionneauwin 5119:50
ysionneaulekernel: it's a GPIO that enables DEBA instead of EBA?19:57
ysionneauto ebanle debug via gpio?19:57
lekernelthere's already CFG_EXTERNAL_BREAK_ENABLED ...20:30
ysionneauwhy do you ask about alternate eba?20:34
ysionneauare you re-implementing  lm32 in migen ? :)20:34
lekerneljust curious... no I won't do that, takes too much time20:46
lekernelor maybe I should answer some emails I've been getting about internships, and find some intern to do it xD20:48
ysionneauahah :)20:50
larsca intern at m-labs?21:40
ysionneauat nist I guess?21:53
lekernelno, but it was quite obviously a mass-mailing21:54
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