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whitequarkfpgatools are intimidating08:44
larscyou are just not though enough08:45
whitequarka huge undocumented codebase working with a complex undocumented format, and on top of that written in C08:45
rjolekernel: hey. in migen.genlib.fsm, i think the entering and leaving signals should be combinatorially driven. as it is now, they are true if you have already entered or left a state.09:54
rjolekernel: or they should be renamed accordingly.09:55
wpwrakwhitequark: C means that not only you can use the code :)10:55
wpwrakwhitequark: wolfgang may also have some diagrams. maybe ping him to see if he has something he can share ?10:55
whitequarkwpwrak: it also means I'm not writing it, unless someone pays me a really big sum of money ;)10:56
whitequarkdiagrams... maybe.10:56
lekernelrjo, yes; _florent_ is using that semantics ...14:10
lekernelwe could use after_entering or after_leaving14:11
lekernelrjo, still need to answer your email too. been busy with the mixxeo (and MBE)14:15
lekernelwhitequark, another problem with fpgatools is they are very buggy (and difficult to debug for the reasons you mentioned), even minor changes like moving the LUT by 1 position in the example design will crash the program14:17
_florent_lekernel, rjo: I can easily change my code if you want to use after_entering, after_leaving14:20
whitequarklekernel: I've been thinking of rewriting fpgatools in something more sane and extensively documenting it in the process14:57
whitequarkbut even though I knew it would be a gigantic task, I severely underestimated it14:58
whitequarkplus, I'm definitely not going to pull it alone, and if the only language available for cooperation is C... meh15:01
lekernelcooperation? does Wolfgang answer your email?15:02
lekernelthe upper level (Migen to EDIF) should be very reasonable to do, though15:03
wpwrakC is simple, efficient, and a lot of people understand it. it sounds like a rather bad idea to try to move to something else for something like this15:03
lekerneland already useful given the number of bugs that Xst has15:03
lekernel(and amount of bloat)15:04
larscrewrite it in php15:12
wpwrakno, in Adobe Flash :)15:13
larscbut it must be able to run with gnash ;)15:17
larscthe best is probably an iterative approach, first rewrite it in php, once you are done throw everything away in restart in flash, then next haskel...15:19
wpwrakwhere's the theoretical purity in this ? start with a turing machine. then adapt for a two-dimensional turing machine. next, generalize for n dimensions. find proof that the result is optimal for 23 dimensions and implement that.15:22
larscthat sounds somewhat stupid15:23
larscI mean you want to get things done, dont you?15:24
ysionneaudo it in php then use hiphop to turn it into C++15:25
ysionneauthen compile C++ to js using emscripten15:25
lekernelas long as a paper can get published, many researchers are happy enough15:25
larscright, I forgot wpwrak is a phd ;)15:27
rjolekernel, _florent_: ack. i'll whip up a patch for {before,after}_{leaving,entering}. given my confusion, i like the explicit but longer names. _florent_, you would have to rename.18:34
GitHub75[migen] sbourdeauducq pushed 1 new commit to master: http://git.io/4s0n7Q22:34
GitHub75migen/master 7e4024b Robert Jordens: genlib/fsm: rename {entering,leaving} to after_{entering,leaving}, add before_{entering,leaving}22:34
lekernelrjo, thx22:35
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