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stekern(generate c++ sim) or just run the generated verilog through verilator05:36
GitHub15[misoc] sbourdeauducq pushed 1 new commit to master: http://git.io/A3f68Q18:09
GitHub15misoc/master 1a28690 Robert Jordens: microudp: fix udp txlen...18:09
ysionneaulekernel: why removing reference to the legacy Milkymist SoC ? https://github.com/milkymist/lm32/commit/90651f0dcb02565bd69c634f4a811e94671d21ef20:18
ysionneauthe legacy SoC is working, and is a very nice SoC20:18
ysionneaulegacy SoC + flickernoise makes a very cool and powerful tool20:19
ysionneauI think this work should not be burried20:19
ysionneauit should stay visible, even if indeed it's easier to read and modify MiSoC20:19
lekernelwell, thanks for caring :) but I'd rather direct people to misoc, as I don't really want to maintain the old soc anymore21:09
ysionneauyeah I can understand that21:27
ysionneaubut it's really a wonderful piece of soft^Wgateware21:27
ysionneauit would really be a shame to hide it21:27
ysionneauI don't have time or motivation to maintain it either, I just think it should stay mentioned and referenced, for anyone who would want to have a look at it out there21:28
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