#milkymist IRC log for Friday, 2013-11-08

--- Fri Nov 8 201300:00
ysionnea1humm, cannot clone wernermisc.git22:25
ysionnea1is qi-hardware git having issues?22:25
ysionneauI think we should add this patch to xiangfu's makefile https://gist.github.com/fallen/737888722:48
ysionneauto allow it to work on Ubuntu 13.1022:49
ysionneautested on my virtual machine and Alarm's one22:49
ysionneauGNU people made texinfo >= 5 generate errors on @item/@itemx issues instead of warnings ... thus breaking gcc-4.5.4 compilation22:49
ysionneauso that their own software won't compile anymore on modern linux distributions :)22:50
ysionneaucalling it a day22:59
--- Sat Nov 9 201300:00

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