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cdeso I just sold my M1R3, but I'm wondering if I should do the NOR fix by replacing the reset chip?09:52
cde(the new owner doesn't have electronics rework experience)09:52
lekernelit's a bit complicated10:24
cdeisn't it just replacing the three-legged reset chip with another one?10:34
cdeoh right, I need to take 5V elsewhere10:35
cdehttp://downloads.qi-hardware.com/people/werner/m1/nor/d8/u24-to-5V.jpg #looks doable :) just need to buy the right chip10:36
cdelekernel: did you know that there is a new pink PCBs color? like http://www.grandideastudio.com/portfolio/jtagulator/10:37
cdethat would be very cool for mixxeo. also, consider adding rgb leds10:37
cdelekernel: besides the NOR flash fix, what are the fixes you'd recommend doing?10:46
lekernelmixxeo won't have a transparent case11:20
lekernelcase design is super late, essentially because finding a good industrial designer is a pain11:21
lekernelactually, since last week, I've found one, except they are super expensive11:21
lekernel(fixes) removing the ferrite beads, as wpwrak already explained11:22
lekernelwell those in the power supply are fine, but those between grounds aren't11:22
lekernelit's easy fixes though11:23
lekernelwpwrak, http://www.edn.com/design/automotive/4423428/Toyota-s-killer-firmware--Bad-design-and-its-consequences11:54
lekernelthink you might enjoy this article =)11:55
cdethank you :)11:56
wpwrakinteresting .. never saw "benign" used as a verb ;-)11:57
cdelekernel: so basically just bypass the beads on the 5V input?11:58
lekernelcde, no, near the video-in chip11:58
lekernelthose on 5v are fine11:58
lekernelI'm not sure if they do much actually, but they don't cause trouble11:59
cdeso far, video in has worked fine for me. however I only tested it with the CCD on the green input12:01
wpwrakthe video bead causes ESD to run through the chip, crashing it. not recommended :)12:02
cdeoh. so I guess I was very luck and could have damaged it any time through ESD12:05
cdebut why would a bead cause ESD?12:05
wpwrakcde: it doesn't cause it. it just makes it worse :) the ESD will find you, don't worry about that ;) there are also other, ESD-like events, such as mismatched potential. i found mine when connecting to ... i think it was the stereo. a little surge went through ground. the bead deflected it and instead if harmlessly dissipating into the ground plane, it went through the chip. the chip hated that :)12:13
wpwrakluckily, it survived. had to power-cycle, though.12:13
wpwrak(toyota) nice :) i'd actually worry a lot more about the "regular" bugs than about the extra safety bits.12:19
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