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ysionneaulekernel: do you think it's a good process to ask the manufacturing company to give quotation for fixing the layout file + 1 to 10 boards?21:04
ysionneauso that we have the price for 1 2 3 ... 10 boards?21:04
ysionneauor will I sound ridiculous?21:04
ysionneaubtw I agree about the possibility to use Mixxeo for those who don't want Flickernoise21:05
ysionneauI plan on doing a doodle and let people choose between the two21:05
davidc__BTW - what exactly is wrong with the layout/altium files?21:30
lekernelit's probably bothersome to prepare 10 quotes...21:31
davidc__get them to quote you as setup+per/unit21:34
wpwrakdavidc__: the reset circuit is wrong. there are two main changes: one replaces a dodgy diode with a logic gate. the other replaces the reset chip with one that triggers at a higher voltage (and connects it to a different rail)21:35
davidc__wpwrak: I mean, thats a 5 minute fix in altium, out of curiosity, why get the MFG company to fix it?21:35
wpwrak(regarding the need for a layout change) i'm not sure you really need to fix the diode. the reset chip can also be reworked: http://downloads.qi-hardware.com/people/werner/m1/nor/d8/u24-to-5V.jpg21:37
lekerneldavidc__, the way the M1 design was done is schematics in Altium, then routing in PADS21:38
wpwrak(there's a little PCB under the new chip that isolates the 3rd pin from the rail it previously connected to and attaches with the yellow wire to the proper rail)21:38
davidc__lekernel: ah, yuck.21:38
lekernelthen the PADS layout was exported to correct Gerber files for production, and broken Altium files for pretending it was an Altium project21:38
wpwrakthat's what you get for relying on proprietary tools - effortless instant fragmentation :)21:39
lekernelI don't have the PADS files, and Wolfgang ignored my emails asking for them21:39
davidc__lekernel: the Altium gerber editor could probably be used to make the changes21:39
davidc__lekernel: editing gerbers = yuck, but eh.21:39
lekernelI didn't know of this PADS step before I tried to use the Altium files, and Creotech told me they looked like a botched PADS conversion21:39
lekerneland after checking - the Gerber files had comments that said they were generated by PADS ...21:40
ysionneau22:34 < davidc__> get them to quote you as setup+per/unit < so you take for granted that the unit price would not change between 1 and 10 boards?21:43
Action: ysionneau have no clue about that21:43
davidc__ysionneau: low volumes like that the cost is typically dominated by the setup cost21:44
davidc__ysionneau: depends on the mfg. I mean, just tell the MFG you want the quote broken down that way and why and they'll tell you if you're making a wrong assumption :P21:46
davidc__are the unpatched gerbers + the broken altium project somewhere?21:56
lekerneland r4 (never manufactured, but used as base for mixxeo): http://downloads.qi-hardware.com/hardware/milkymist_one/sch/20120710/22:00
mumptailekernel, why was routing done in PADS?22:39
lekernelI don't know, email Wolfgang22:40
lekernelreply not guaranteed22:40
lekernellet me know if you get an answer, I'm asking myself the same question22:41
lekernelthat and why I had never heard of this PADS thing before attempting to use the Altium files22:42
mumptaiactually mm1 doesn't look too complex for altium22:42
mumptaidid that kicad design work out?22:46
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