#milkymist IRC log for Saturday, 2013-10-26

stekernI think we have a couple of people in #openrisc that might be interested in a new batch of M1s as well08:10
ysionneaustekern: very cool :)11:11
ysionneaustekern: could they manifest themself on the milkymist mailing list ?11:12
stekernysionneau: pinged them about it11:33
ysionneaustekern: thanks :)12:04
wpwrakif these M1 are for non-VJ uses, you could also save on those weird connectors, DMX and MIDI12:16
ysionneauyeah maybe that's something to ask the persons interested12:19
ysionneauon the other hand it would be too bad to remove features on the board seen as a product12:19
ysionneauthat would be selling it as dev board12:19
ysionneaubut indeed if that's all people want ... maybe it's more pragmatic :)12:20
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