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ysionneauAnyone interested in a M1R4 board?14:28
ysionneauif ~5 people are interested I might launch a kickstarter campaign14:29
ysionneauif if ~10 people ask for one, I think we could run a batch14:29
ysionneauhoping to achieve something like 700-800 EUR unit price14:30
ysionneauit seems 2 people are interested according to recent emails on the Mailing List14:30
lekernelysionneau, 3 -> https://twitter.com/ramataupia/status/39340194200711577614:31
cdeysionneau, I have a spare M1R4 I don't use. I can give it to you14:32
lekernelI wonder what happened to the remaining M1/Nanonote stock at Sharism ...14:32
ysionneauyeah ...14:33
ysionneaucde: I think there are people interested in buying such a board14:34
ysionneauyou could sell it very easily14:34
ysionneauis it really a R4 ? :o I thought R4 never got manufactured14:35
lekerneldon't give it away. it encourages drawerware.14:35
cdeI'm quite unsure the exact revision. I bought it in august 2011 at the sharism store14:35
ysionneaumust be R2 or R314:36
ysionneaucde:  are you on the milkymist mailing list ?14:37
cdeI used to be, but I canceled my gmail account14:38
cdeI can tell you the exact revision at home tonight14:38
ysionneauok cool :)14:45
ysionneaucde < I asked about the ML because someone is asking about buying a M1 board :)14:45
ysionneauon this thread: https://ssl.serverraum.org/lists-archive/devel/2013-October/003464.html14:48
wpwrakr4 was never made and i think there may be about one or two r3.5 (r3 with some r4 rework) in the world. (i have one. not sure if adam made one for himself, too)15:21
wpwrakysionneau: if you make new board, you may want to include at least the reset fix. else, you still have the NOR corruption problem.15:22
ysionneauthat's why I mentioned M1R415:23
ysionneauon irc15:23
ysionneausebastien told me about it15:23
wpwrakthe whole m1r4 design has quite a lot of changes compared to m1r3. so it would be a little risky to try to make it. of course, it's better, too, and it has a lot of pretty LEDs ;-)15:26
ysionneauhum hum15:26
ysionneauI would only be interested in very minimum risk15:27
wpwrakah, and as far as i know, wolfgang sold all or as good as all of his m1r3 stock15:27
ysionneaujust doing what we already did15:27
ysionneauwhat we know works15:27
ysionneauso maybe just R3.5 (R3 with the NOR corruption fix)15:27
wpwrakthat would be m1r3 with the reset fix and i think r3 also had those beads/inductors that forced ESD to go through chips, causing pretty crashes and hangs. (solution: just connect the ground planes under the respective chips, without a separating inductor/bead)15:29
wpwrakyes, and the beads (Lsomething)15:29
ysionneauok we need to think a little bit about what to do exactly to minimize risk but implement fix we already know work15:31
ysionneauI will get back to you later :)15:31
wpwrakyeah, the fixes are pretty simple. if all else fails, you can even do them as rework.15:32
lekernelwpwrak, well at least the r4 flash fix made it into mixxeo (and I haven't seen any flash issue so far)16:03
GitHub84[migen] sbourdeauducq pushed 1 new commit to master: http://git.io/UiO9_g16:54
GitHub84migen/master 892c12b Sebastien Bourdeauducq: flow: add AbstractActor busy signals16:54
ysionneau18:03 < lekernel> wpwrak, well at least the r4 flash fix made it into mixxeo (and I haven't seen any flash issue so far) < that's really good news :)19:03
ysionneautoo tired to send anything this evening, I hope I will have some time tomorrow to send a sum up of what could be done for a possible new batch of M1 boards (if enough people interested)21:11
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