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zewanHi all. Sorry for blunt question, but how to build lm8 toolchain? where can I obtain gcc source?11:27
ysionneauive never done any lm8 work11:46
ysionneauonly lm3211:46
ysionneaui heard gcc is not awesome for 8bit micros11:47
ysionneaugcc sources are on gcc website :) but i dont know if upstream gcc supports lm811:48
ysionneaumaybe browse a little bit on lattice semi website11:48
ysionneauthey should provide a toolchain11:48
zewanysionneau, they provide toolchain in binary format but it's not work for me. And yes: upstream is not supports lm811:55
ysionneauyou say it does not work?12:00
ysionneaucould you elaborate?12:00
zewanysionneau, Of course. First of all, they deliver the toolchain in RPM format. After unpacking lm8-elf-gcc swears by the absence libgmp.so.3 library.12:07
wpwrakif they've ported gcc, there must be the sources somewhere, too. else, tell rms and he'll hunt them down personally ;-)12:13
wpwrakthere ought to be a pointer on the download location, a README, or similar12:14
wpwrakif not, just ask them politely. it's very unlikely that they'd intentionally try a blatant gpl violation12:14
ysionneauzewan: do you have a file "libgmp.so.*" in your computer?12:16
ysionneaumaybe you need to search for it and tweak your LD_LIBRARY_PATH or do a symbolic link12:17
ysionneauor install a package from your distribution12:17
ysionneauif all of this fail, indeed you can follow wpwrak advice (README / ask them)12:18
zewanysionneau, my libgmp.so newer version and 64bit. Toolchain won't acceps it.12:18
ysionneauis it a 64bit RPM ?12:18
ysionneauah, then you're lucky12:18
ysionneausometimes they only provide a i386 binary :)12:18
zewanit hard to say that I'm lucky :)12:19
ysionneauthen maybe install an old enough RPM based distribution in your favorite virtualization software12:19
zewanor write code in pure asm12:22
lekernelask lattice if you can't find the source. it would be nice to have it anyway.12:22
ysionneauif you have binutils for lm8 then why not :)12:23
ysionneauon their LatticeMico8 tutorial they give RHEL 4.0 or 5.0 requirement12:23
lekerneljust ignore and compile gcc yourself. those requirements are a pain.12:24
lekernelyou can also try navre, an AVR-compatible softcore I've developed12:24
lekernelmost distros package avr-gcc12:24
ysionneauit seems that modern gcc have dropped support for lm8 (or maybe it has never been supported upstream?) : http://gcc.gnu.org/install/specific.html12:25
zewanlekernel, how much your navre IP core allocated slices or LEs?12:29
ysionneauzewan: what is your target FPGA?12:32
ysionneauzewan : a few informations about navre http://opencores.org/project,navre12:33
ysionneauit has been tested mostly on Spartan6 and I presume the numbers you fill find on this page are for synthesis with Spartan6 target12:33
ysionneauah yes it's written.12:34
zewanysionneau, EPM127012:37
ysionneauok, I'm not familiar with altera chips12:47
ysionneaubut the core is small12:47
lekernelzewan, something like 900 LUTs iirc12:49
lekernelif you want extreme area optimization, look at J112:50
lekernelit's also pretty fast. but uses a weird programming language.12:50
zewanlekernel, thanks. I'll see.12:53
zewanANS forth? WTF?12:57
lekernelwell, yes. :)12:57
lekernelit seems to work nicely though12:58
ysionneauI think somehow #milkymist is doing part of Lattice's hotline job :)14:36
larscI think they recently closed their support forums14:39
ysionneauoh really?14:45
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