#milkymist IRC log for Friday, 2013-10-18

--- Fri Oct 18 201300:00
Flea86Hello, any LM32 gurus around? :)09:31
Action: ysionneau hates it when someone joins, asks, leaves11:27
cdeysionneau: indeed. it's very frustrating11:33
ysionneauyes meta ask is even worse11:51
Action: sb0 is finally on the way back to Berlin19:41
larscha! I knew it, you took the mixxeo money and spent it on a trip to hawaii ;)19:48
sb0don't worry your board is on the way... they're at creotech atm and should go through testing soon (if not done already)19:52
larscgood :)19:52
sb0might as well find and fix any soldering problems before the boards go out, even if they are devboards19:54
sb0(I knew Greg was also going to be away for a while, which is why I said 'shipping in October' even though they've gone through SMT much earlier)19:56
--- Sat Oct 19 201300:00

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