#milkymist IRC log for Sunday, 2013-10-13

--- Sun Oct 13 201300:00
ysionneauI recompiled everything from scratch and now I get everything in the same segment12:29
ysionneauso no more "bubbles" in the virtual layout12:29
ysionneaufor those who want to know what wolfgang is now doing: https://peercover.com17:20
ysionneauhe has co-founded this company17:20
ysionneauI guess he is starting an insurance company :)17:25
larscpage has been slashdotted?17:31
ysionneauworks for me18:41
ysionneauah, blank page indeed18:41
ysionneauthere it is again18:41
wpwrakinteresting. trying to create another social network. statements like "Connect your Facebook, LinkedIn, and Dwolla accounts for increased credibility." sound rather odd, though :)20:20
--- Mon Oct 14 201300:00

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