#milkymist IRC log for Friday, 2013-10-11

ysionneaumwalle: I need to confirme this but, I think I have an issue with the kernel loading in qemu07:18
ysionneaudon't know if it's my ELF's fault or qemu's fault07:19
ysionneauI have a symbol (in .data I think) named v_putc which is a function pointer, if I objdump -D the ELF binary I can see it is initialized with a value (which is the putc() of the milkymist uart driver)07:54
ysionneaubut if I x/1x v_putc I get 0x0000000007:55
ysionneauin gdb07:55
ysionneauat startup07:55
ysionneauwell, on the symbol name it's normal I get all 0 because I would be reading at the virtual address then07:55
ysionneaubut if I translate and read the 0x40****** address I get all 0 as well07:56
ysionneauanyway, I won't have the time to work on this until sunday07:57
mwalleysionneau: (1) please send me the binary. (2) was it working with your hacked qemu and the objcopy -Obinary method?11:13
ysionneau(1) I will try to send it this afternoon but not sure, maybe on sunday :/11:16
ysionneau(2) yes it was working, it was sending characters to the uart11:16
ysionneauI did not specifically print the v_putc value however11:17
ysionneausince it was working I did not try to "debug" it11:17
ysionneaumwalle: qemu is fine =) (you would have bet I guess)16:35
ysionneauit's my ELF virtual memory which is wrong16:35
ysionneauhum my linker script is wrong in the email16:47
ysionneaubut fixing it does not change the ELF layout16:50
ysionneauI imagine that the linker does that to align different sections with different permissions on a 4kB page boundary17:17
ysionneaubut it's a pain for the early *tlb miss handlers17:17
ysionneauwhich are just doing TLBPADDR = virt_to_phy(TLBPADDR);17:18
ysionneauvirt_to_phy() is now a pain to implement17:18
ysionneaufor itlb miss it's OK though17:19
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