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ysionneauhum ok, here is why: https://github.com/fallen/NetBSD/blob/master/sys/rump/ldscript.rump06:05
ysionneauso either I fix ld or I fix the link script06:05
ysionneaulet's fix the link script :)06:05
ysionneaugreat, now that I added tons of lines of junk in my linker script06:18
ysionneauit links06:18
ysionneaumwalle: ok now I've got the right VirtAddr and PhysAddr in readelf06:25
larscbut does that make any difference?06:29
ysionneaularsc: it seems to work (qemu). -kernel loads it at 0x4000 paddr even if all addresses in the program are 0xc000 :)07:42
ysionneauone less problem07:42
ysionneauno more ugly hacks in qemu \o/08:22
mwalleysionneau: mhhh, are you aware of the licensing issues? eg https://github.com/fallen/NetBSD/blob/master/sys/lib/libkern/arch/lm32/_ashlsi3.S14:58
ysionneaudamn it14:59
ysionneaugplv3 hits again14:59
mwallewell it would be the same with gpl2 :)14:59
mwalleanyway, isnt that libgcc stuff?14:59
ysionneauyes indeed14:59
mwallewhich is provided by the compiler with a linking exception?15:00
ysionneauI remember I had troubles with that15:00
ysionneauthose symbols were "undefined"15:00
ysionneauI found out linux kernel adds them like that15:00
ysionneauI did the same15:00
ysionneaubut indeed license issue :(15:00
ysionneaukernel is not linked against libgcc15:01
ysionneaubut it's linked against libkern, maybe I can put it into libkern ... I don't know15:01
mwalleyou cant mix bsd with gpl unless the resulting license should be gpl15:02
mwallewhich wont be accepted upstream i think :)15:02
ysionneauyou're absolutely right15:05
ysionneauI just didn't think about checking license header when copy pasting15:05
ysionneauI was just preoccupied by fixing the problem15:05
ysionneaunot checking legal issues15:06
ysionneaubut yes it's a problem :(15:06
ysionneaumwalle: you were talking about a "linking exception"?15:07
ysionneauwhat is that ?15:07
ysionneaucan't I use that trick as well ?15:07
mwalleyou could ask the netbsd guys why they dont link against libgcc (maybe because there are other compilers? ):15:07
larscI think some of the platforms do15:09
mwallelibgcc (a libary provided with the gnu c compiler) provides these functions, so the easiest way to do it is to (statically) link against libgcc15:10
ysionneau However, the FSF decided long ago to allow developers to use GCC's libraries to compile any program, regardless of its license < so I can use this code, right?15:11
ysionneauand link with NetBSD kernel, regardless of the fact that I put the whole thing under BSD15:11
ysionneauso I'm probably fine, even with the scary gplv3 header in the file15:13
larscyou can still use them even if they were under the gpl315:14
larscit would just mean that your binary kernel is also under the terms of the gpl315:14
ysionneau? really?15:14
ysionneaudoesn't the exception apply?15:15
larscfor the case the exception didn't apply15:15
ysionneauyou're saying the exception does not apply to my use of the file from libgcc?15:16
ysionneauor you're saying "if it does not apply"15:16
larscI'm saying that I'm not a lawyer ;)15:17
larscI think it applies15:17
larscbut even for the case that it did not, you'd still be safe15:17
mwallei think you are not allowed to copy that file15:23
mwalleie. integrating it into your own project15:23
larscunless under the terms of gplv315:23
mwalleyeah of course ;)15:24
mwallebut what you can do, is to link the GPLv3 libgcc against the BSD netbsd15:24
ysionneauthat might imply me to go against the current of netbsd build system15:25
ysionneausince it seems the kernel does not link with libgcc15:25
mwalleysionneau: are you sure? on all platforms?15:25
ysionneauI will need to fight a little bit with the build system15:25
ysionneaumwalle: I'm not totally sure15:25
mwalleask in #netbsd :)15:26
mwalleon ircnet (?)15:26
larscysionneau: I think we've talked about this before and you said that some of the platforms link against libgcc15:27
mwalleis that the official channel?15:27
ysionneaumy memory is kind of blurry about this topic15:27
ysionneauI don't remember very well15:27
ysionneaumwalle: I think so15:28
larscdon't bang your head against the wall that often ;)15:28
mwallewhere is hubert feyrer15:28
ysionneauthere are 3 channels15:28
ysionneauin fact15:28
ysionneaularsc: ahah yes I should stop doing that maybe...15:28
mwalleysionneau: but congrats on the pma/vma issue :)15:29
ysionneauthanks for the help :)15:32
ysionneauI did not know ELF was aware of physical load address15:32
mwalleysionneau: you might try the ircnet channel, last time (years ago ;) it was very active15:32
ysionneauok t:)15:46
ysionneaumwalle : you are reviewing my commits in the netbsd kernel ?15:47
mwalleysionneau: i was just browsing through the github repository. hit that issue more by accident15:51
ysionneauok :)15:51
ysionneaugood to have feedbacks !15:51
ysionneauas always you catch nice issues15:52
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