#milkymist IRC log for Saturday, 2013-10-05

--- Sat Oct 5 201300:00
ysionneaujuliusb: hey it's me you've just asked the nickname handle at the coffee room ;)15:24
ysionneauhard to pronounce...15:25
ysionneauysionneau == Fallenou == Yann Sionneau15:25
Action: ysionneau is running linux 3.11 on de0-nano on open risc cpu17:51
Action: sb0 has no time for low performance CPUs18:04
ysionneauwell maybe the situation has changed18:11
ysionneauthey now do pretty nice stuff like 2 or 4 cores in the same SoC, with cache coherency (bus snooping) etc18:11
ysionneauthere was nice talk about estimation of power consumption from high level description18:14
ysionneauthey have several different implementations with different pipeline sizes18:15
ysionneauthey have a working mmu18:16
ysionneau(which I hope I will soon prove we have as well)18:16
ysionneausome crazy guy over here wrote a MIPS R4000 (64 bits) clone, and is totally binary compatible18:16
sb0LUT count and Mibench results please18:16
sb0everything else is just make believe18:17
ysionneauhe can run unmodified freebsd kernel18:17
ysionneauwell I honesttly don't know if it's better now than before18:17
ysionneaubut I just imagine :)18:17
ysionneausince they have worked a lot, maybe it improved18:17
ysionneaubut indeed I don't have any numbers and I don't plan on spending more time on it18:18
ysionneauI'm just playing with it since I'm at their workshop :)18:18
wpwrakin case someone is thinking about making their own chips (in german, but the interesting bits are the links anyway): http://www.heise.de/newsticker/foren/S-Multi-Project-Wafer/forum-266755/msg-24205009/read/22:32

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