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kristianpaulysionneau: i worked as a contractor in network security and log analisys projetcs projects (install, deploy, setup, support integrate)15:05
kristianpaulysionneau: new one is about system administration on a network security company (alertlogic)15:06
kristianpaulwpwrak: i dint have to work? well not all time but i have too :)15:06
kristianpaulwpwrak: new one have better conditions, of course more responsabillity15:07
kristianpaulwpwrak: new city15:07
kristianpaulwell i always worked here but not sleeping/living15:08
kristianpaulwpwrak: and when i have to, usually was something to deliver faster plus other represed work15:09
wpwrak(not having to work) i remember those times where you were working on gps all the time, with the occasional day, maybe once per week, when you said you had to do something for your company. it did sound rather relaxed ;-)15:10
kristianpaulwpwrak: also improve because i'll use english all time, bigger team15:10
wpwrakdevelopment work ?15:10
kristianpaulbut not fully focused on development as a developer :)15:11
wpwrakah, where the bugs of team A and B meet ;-)15:11
kristianpaulrelaxed, yes it is, but as i said sometime things get represed15:12
kristianpauland when i was working in gps, i just have to work 3 days per week :D15:12
wpwrakaah, i see15:14
wpwrak(pressed) sort of like the fire police :)15:14
kristianpaulthe good think is that now i can save money to travel to a ccc3 or similar event15:19
kristianpaulbtw are you working right now wpwrak ?15:25
wpwrakyeah, on an embedded ieee 802.15.4 project15:28
kristianpauli meant paid work15:28
kristianpaulgood :)15:28
kristianpaulyou said embedded and came to mind first the password keeper thing15:29
wpwraknaw, the password safe is unpaid fun.15:29
larscbesides the money from the NSA15:33
wpwrakyou can't prove that the account belongs to me :)15:34
larscI don't have to15:35
mwalleysionneau: btw you can debug the gdb with "set debug remote on" (or sth like that)16:23
mwalleno need to trace with wireshark16:23
mwalleysionneau: i guess qemu singlestepping with mmu is broken :)16:24
ysionneauyeah I put a breakpoint in the tlb miss handler16:24
ysionneauand it works better16:24
ysionneaubetter than single stepping :)16:24
ysionneau18:23 < mwalle> ysionneau: btw you can debug the gdb with "set debug remote on" (or sth like that) < ah good thanks :)16:25
ysionneauqemu is such a useful tool16:25
ysionneauthank you so much for the lm32/milkymist work on qemu :)16:25
ysionneauthat's very useful for development16:25
mwallenp ;)16:25
mwalleysionneau: could you send me your binary, so i could have a look at the single stepping?16:26
mwallelarsc: are you at home? :)16:27
ysionneaumwalle: yeah sure!16:27
ysionneauI think it can be triggered by just writting 0d74 to PSW and nop nop nop nop16:27
ysionneaujust to trigger a tlb miss exception16:28
ysionneauanyway I will send you the binary ;)16:28
ysionneaugotta go, see you16:28
mwalleysionneau: are you sure you're single stepping (si command in gdb)? because i can single step through the whole mmu unit test without any lockups16:35
ysionneaumwalle: I think I was doing nexti18:32
ysionneauwait a minute18:39
ysionneaumwalle: hum weird, it seems the problem disappeared18:43
ysionneauhum well18:43
ysionneaunot really18:43
ysionneauGDB does not hang but it goes another round (my tlb miss and fault handler are nops)18:44
ysionneauone would expect GDB to single step to the first instruction of the exception handler18:44
ysionneauinstead, it goes through the exception handler and to crt0 and back to the main code and then stops on the first breakpoint it encounters -> right before wcsr to PSW18:51
ysionneaumaybe I should just send you the binary :)18:51
ysionneauoh, with stepi indeed it works as expected, it stops at the exception handler18:54
ysionneauit was just my understanding of stepi / nexti which was wrong :$18:54
ysionneausorry for the false alarm18:54
larscmwalle: ah right, sorry forgot about you. I'm in Romania right now, so not at home20:53
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